France Lobbies for Embargo on Iran Oil

The global price for resources is determined by demand and availability, there would not be anything wrong with this was it not for the fact that the profits that can be made by producing either perceived or actual scarcity of a product as vital for modern society as oil, are too tempting not to sacrifice one million innocent human beings lives by sanctions, and by waging wars under the banners of so called humanitarian principles, liberty, justice, democracy, and self determination.

With the onset of the illegal war on Libya, waged by NATO under the pretext of a humanitarian war, that should prohibit a brutal “regime” from bombing peaceful protesters, much of the Libyan Oil export was removed from the world market. Scarcity is good, remember that. The Libyan NATO Adventure re-established European primacy in one of it´s old colonies.

French President Sarkozy could not have been more elated. After all, he is about to succeed where even Napoleon failed. With the last bastion of Pan-African interests removed from power in Northern Africa, the geopolitical game is set for the establishment of the Mediterranean Basin Alliance. The gold backed Gold Dinar that was about to threaten the primacy of those militarily privileged enough to enforce their respective currencies as being accepted reserve currencies, also the nightmare scenario that Europe, the US and other should pay a price that actually represented the value of African resources was removed with the removal of Ghadafi, off the table. Sarkozy could also sigh in relief over the fact that the removal of Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast, and Ghadafi in Libya, France was guarantied the continuation of another little racket, without which the French economy would collapse within hours, the CFA. A more detailed analysis of these factors can be read in the article   ” Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict “ (1).

With the pockets of the French National Bank securely lined with the CFA regions foreign exchange resources and the ability to regulate the value of the CFA, the Libyan oil export beginning to come back on line, and plans to wage a war against Syria and Iran well into the implementation stage of overt subversion; with war by mercenary armies. Mercenary armies that not too long ago were decried as the evil monsters who stood behind 9/11. Mercenary armies who did NATO the service to enable the first time use of it´s article five, if one nation is attacked we are all attacked. Mercenary armies who delivered both the self inflicted wound of 9/11 as well as the pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Mercenary armies currently used in Libya, and who are used for waging war against the people of Syria.  One must keep ones friends in the City of London and Wall Street happy, so one could as well make an extra Dollar on creating scarcity by an embargo on Iran. War is business, big business, and unless it becomes criminalized to profiteer from instigating it and a peace economy creates more attractive investment options, war is likely to be pursued as a good way to make a dime – who cares about those who suffer from the sanctions.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Minister of France, Juppé, stated that the E.U. should maximise it´s pressure on the economy of Iran by imposing an embargo on imports from Iran by the end of January. In oil that would be some 450.000 barrels per day which Iran could not export to the E.U.. In economical terms it would be 30 % or the countries oil exports. With Iran being strategically allied to both Russia, China, Pakistan on other nations of the Shanghai Club, Iran would not have difficulties in finding other than European clients. It would loose billions on negotiating new contracts, may be at an even less attractive price, but it would sale the oil.

With Russia, China, and the rest of what one almost is tempted to call todays “free world” slowly waking up to the fact that humanity can no longer tolerate that over one million, most of them children die horrible deaths due to sanctions; with Russia and China having become acutely aware of the fact that the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Georgia, Chechnya, Syria and Iran are directed against themselves, their economies, their people, as well as their territorial and political integrity, it is unlikely that Iran will be suffering so much from European sanctions that it would be forced to roll over and tell Sarkozy “Come and rape me. I am your new colonial hooker and you can screw me any way you like “.

So, if Sarkozy can´t sodomize Iran, even though he probably would love to, why the embargo ? Political grand standing is one factor, and an important one, because after all, show biz is important in a Democracy. But what else ? Right, if the E.U. can create scarcity by getting Iranian oil off of the European markets, it can make a better bargain on the still unstable flow from Libya. And Libya, as we all know, can be destabilized at the price of one bullet. You can love him, you can hate him, but Sarkozy has his house in order and his advisors are some of the best professional war criminals a French government has had for decades.

Another function of the proposed embargo on Iranian oil is of course that it is contributing to the escalation of the situation in the Middle East. With a war on Iran and Syria long planned, and with the world watching, it is not easy to find the perfect pretext, and manipulate the situation so a domestic public won´t protest against a military adventure against Iran. High oil prices, that keep the public protesting over the fact that transportation has become too expensive, that the food is too expensive, and over the fact that banks are bailed out while all people get is more austerity cuts are of course perfect when you want to wage a war without the people even paying attention to it.

I would say when we see more ore less simultaneous Occupy the Eifel Tower, Occypy Trafalgar Square, and Besetzt den Herrmann, movements sponsored by Zoros et al. – that is the time that waging a war without the public paying attention would be perfectly timed. Did I mention Occupy Wall Street – Anywhere ?

Dr. Christof Lehmann


1) Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict; Lehmann Chr. (2011) nsnbc.

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