Xhosa king lauds President Mugabe

Kuda Bwititi – The Sunday Mail

Visiting supreme leader of the Xhosa people King Zwelonke Sigcawu has lauded President Mugabe for championing the land reform programme in Zimbabwe, saying the historic process is the bedrock for the empowerment of indigenous Africans.

Speaking at a welcoming ceremony hosted by Xhosa people resident in Zimbabwe at Sojini Secondary School in Mbembesi last Friday, King Zwelonke said South Africa and the rest of Africa should emulate Zimbabwe’s land reform. “I want to applaud President Mugabe for initiating the land reform programme.
“He has set an example that should be emulated by my country, South Africa, and the rest of Africa.

“We should understand that as African people, we are nothing without the land,” he said.
King Zwelonke, who is on his maiden visit to the country, said Zimbabwe would always stand out as a celebrated nation. “Your people are blessed and your country is like a huge tower that will be looked at by others even 100 years from now because of the path that you have chosen,” he said.

“We have great respect and honour for the people of Zimbabwe. I would like to urge all Zimbabweans that were given land to continue working hard to justify the land reform.”
Speaking at the same occasion, Mines and Mining Development Minister and Umguza legislator Cde Obert Mpofu praised King Zwelonke for upholding the Xhosa culture.
“We admire the Xhosa way of life because that is the culture which we had 100 years ago. The Xhosa culture helps us trace these roots because it is the epicentre of the Nguni tradition that binds us all as one people in

Southern Africa,” he said.

Minister Mpofu received the Xhosa Royal Fellowship Award in recognition of the role he has played in promoting the spirit of Ubuntu and his philanthropic work in the Xhosa community.
An estimated 4 000 Xhosa descendants live in Zimbabwe. The majority are found in Mbembesi, Fort Rixon in Filabusi and the Motapa area in Bubi.
King Zwelonke is the 28th king in the Xhosa dynasty.

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