The 4th Media’s Exclusive Report from Pyongyang, DPRK

The First Report: Dec. 23, 2011

Dr. Kiyul Chung, Editor-in-Chief, The 4th Media

An Introductory Note on Kim Jong Il’s Legacy and His “Military First Politics”

On December 21, the Beijing-based April Media Group, particularly its English website the 4th Media was officially invited to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to cover their entire National Funeral from December 22 to 31. It’s a very special honor and extraordinary privilege for a still newly-launched independent media like The 4th Media which began only last fall in 2010.

The 4th Media is one of the very few foreign media outlets present in Pyongyang at the moment while most of the other global mainstream foreign medias are absent here, except for several resident foreign media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Kyoto News Agency, AP, and Reuters.

Therefore, in realizing of its exclusive privilege and honor of this first official visit to DPRK, The 4th Media plans to cover the entire National Funeral-related events, stories, and to present DPRK situation, etc., particularly aims to cover ordinary citizens’ feelings, thoughts and deep sorrows which seem almost uncontrollable and thereby heartbreaking.

In order for our global readers to be able to make their own judgments on the present situation of DPRK and her 25 million population’s genuinely sorrowful feelings from the sudden loss of their “great leader, Kim Jong Il”. I am going to report things as they are from what I see, hear, learn, experience, read, watch and conversations directly with Korean people here whomever I may meet and/or encounter with throughout my stay until Dec. 30.

It seems that DPRK people are now facing one of the most challenging, heartbreaking, sorrowful and difficult moments in their over 60 years of national history which began in September, 1945.

The sudden and permanent departure of their “comrade supreme commander” from his so much beloved people is still surreal to most. The “comrade supreme commander” (“최고사령관 동지”) is the title that Korean people used most frequently in reference of Kim Jong Il, according to Rodongxinmun (勞動新聞: Workers Party of Korea’s official organ).

The “comrade supreme commander” is not here with his people anymore physically. However, as almost every Korean I’ve met here so far says, his legacy seems not go away easily at all.

Just as in the language of Chinese, Vietnamese, and many other friendly governments’ official eulogies, the yearning “Kim Jong Il will be immortal” that the majority Korean people and many good international friends around the world have genuinely wished for seems stay quite a longtime to come.

As long as the majority Korean population continue to gather around Kim Jong Il’s “sun portraits” (太陽像) to mourn and remember his legacy, it seems his “human-centered anti-imperialist, self-determination, self-reliance, self-defense,” i.e., DPRK’s Juche (主體) philosophy, both for his own nation and the world may continue in the future as well.

His “military first politics” (先軍政治) seems to be the most symbolic trade mark for the last ten some years, which sounds somewhat never-heard-before and looks like a combination of words which seem mutually-exclusive and remote from each other. The term is indeed unprecedented in the history of human vocabulary.

That could possibly explain why this term, ”military first politics”, has become not only one of the globally foremost-known political vocabularies but also one of the most controversially-debated political concepts at the same time for the last ten some years as well.

For our readers’ sake, I would like to make a brief introductory note on this DPRK-born military strategy in the following:

While the US-made, in fact, US-fabricated so-called “North [Korea’s] Nuclear Issue” has become one of the most controversial global affairs in the world’s power politics for the last twenty years, Kim Jong lL’s “military first strategy” has earned its honor but together with an extreme degree of demonization.

Indeed it’s been one of the most controversial, suspicious and particularly most demonized concepts of both national and global politics mainly among US/West-led global imperialists’ camps, particularly in their faithful mouthpieces, i.e., the globally-monopolized corporate-run media.

This concept, together with DPRK’s structural thereby chronic issues of “food, energy and power shortage” for ten some years, has been therefore often despised, laughed at, and not seriously taken at all by the world since the timing of its historic birth in mid 1990s right in the midst of their “great suffering period” was when the whole nation went into an unprecedented, unbearable, unknown, untested challenges and trials.

Then almost the whole world predicted DPRK’s “soon-to-be-collapse within next two three years.”

They despised and made fun of Kim Jong Il’s military first policy by pointing out the fact that most of his people had suffered with hunger, cold, and isolation.

However, the world’s majority population wouldn’t probably have any idea why they’ve had to go through for almost 70 years now often unbearable, unspeakable and unprecedented sufferings the humanity seem to have never experienced before in its entire history.

To say the least, the world’s most population has been literally excluded from the Korea’s Division History US has forcibly imposed upon the whole Korean population since September 1945.

The world doesn’t remember either the History of Korean War in 1950-53 from which up to 4 million Korean lives including more than 2 million civilian populations (then from its only about 20 million total population) from both north and south were completely destroyed.

The whole nation, particularly the northern part of Korean peninsula had been completely ruined.

After the war in major cities in the north, particularly Pyongyang the capitol city of DPRK, “there were no buildings whatsoever left to stand” but the “two fractured ones” only.

As the world may remember from one of the most recent indiscriminate criminal carpet bombings against defenseless both Libyan military and civilian populations for over 200 some days, the three years of nonstop, indiscriminate criminal “carpet bombing” which later was also introduced to the Vietnam War was the major cause.

Since then, the almost completely destroyed, i.e., the already-annihilated and then DIVIDED from the grain-rich south, the north has been economically blockaded and separated while US has kept its tens of thousands of military troops equipped with tens of hundreds of most sophisticated nuclear weapons including its Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

That complete ECONOMIC SANCTION including financial and trade sectors has never stopped till this very day in addition to US’s ongoing “isolation and strangulation” policy together with its nonstop military threats while it boasts of its “Right to Use Nuclear Weapons First against Non-nuclear entities.”

That military threats didn’t come alone, however. It’s come all the time with the “demonization propaganda” against the north since September 1945 when they occupied the south with the infamous General MacArthur’s “Occupation Army” against the JUST LIBERATED land from the 40 years of Japanese colonial rule.

As noted before, the world’s most population may not necessarily know and understand some of these above-mentioned historical facts of yesterday and today in regard to WHY DPRK people have suffered from the over 60 years of ‘structural thereby chronic food, energy and power shortages.”

Now, back to the present, to make a long story short, Kim Jong Il didn’t pay any attention to them. He didn’t waste any of his time by bickering with them. Instead he had continued to go forward with his determination which had never been undeterred throughout his rule.

Kim Jong Il’s “not seriously taken at all, looked strange, not brilliant” leadership, however, not only had been proven that he was absolutely correct but also conversely made his opponents and despisers either incorrect or fun of instead.

This has become more apparent and noticeable only after Bush’s notorious “cowboy imperialism” which destroyed both Afghanistan and Iraq.

This was when more number of peoples around the world began to pay more serious attentions and respects onto Kim Jong Il’s leadership, particularly his “military first politics.”

In regard to the brilliance, credibility, relevance, strategically profound wisdom, great predictability or foreseeability to defend DPRK from US-led military attacks with their own independent military (both deterrent and offensive) powers and thereafter to continue their “self-determined national socioeconomic policies and developments,” Kim Jong Il’s once-despised leadership and his “military first politics” had been proven absolutely correct.

It’s been proven by the very fact that it did stop US-led arrogant and aggressive “gangster imperialism” which is funded by “disaster capitalism” for the sole benefit of “military industrial complex.”

As globally-publicized more so now after Libya, this gangster imperialism has been first and foremost accompanied by a very deceptive and hypocritical “humanitarian imperialism.”

The humanitarian imperialism which is the latest version of “cultural imperialism” can be much more easily explained in the context of the so-called imperialists’ “soft power.”

The very lethal and omnipresent “soft power” of the US/West has been carried out by their global media empires which have completed to monopolize the entire global mainstream media outlets.

Those are the very tools the US/Western power has used most for their GLOBAL MEDIA DECEPTION through their continued “manufacturing consents” by which the process of demonization, i.e., war propaganda, is continued.

Of course, they do it all the time, as they’ve done it against DPRK, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and so on in the name of the so-called “freedom, democracy and human rights.”

Then their next usual course, if and whenever they have enough fabricated pretexts and justifications for them to invade any sovereign nations, is the use of their “military power,” i.e., the so-called “hard power” against independent-minded, self-determined and anti-imperialist nations and organizations around the world.

Kim Jong Il’s legacy and his “military-first politics” can be better understood from this angle. His leadership, particularly in the context of his brilliant military strategy which has been proven prophetically correct now much more than any other times.

This is much more real and true in the world’s “anti-imperialist self-determination” (反帝自主) camp, particularly in many third world countries where Kim Jong Il’s “extremely courageous, profoundly wise and creative application of Juche philosophy” had earned a broad scope of supports, respects, and admiration.

Kim Jong Il’s “sun-gun (military first) politics” had further proven to be correct when  the collapsing processes of former Soviet Union and its Eastern European Socialist Bloc had been proceeded throughout 1990s.

It’s been proven much more correct particularly when US-led neoliberal economic “globalization” policy of “disaster capitalism” which has been often followed by US-led NATO military power has ruined the world’s most economies and completely destroyed those sovereign nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq and now Libya throughout 2000s.

After the Libya crisis in 2011, Kim Jong Il’s military first strategy seems to have earned a genuine sense of admirations and even a deep sense of reverence around the globe, particularly many third world anti-imperialist and self-determined nations, organizations and peoples.

His brilliant, wise, strategically prophetic thereby preventive military preparedness or national self-defense readiness, in defending and even defeating the “gangster imperialism” in the name of so-called “humanitarian concerns,” as they did in Libya most recently, now against Syria and Iran, earned him more genuine respects and followers.

The more, the frequent and the vicious US/Israeli/West-led military attacks against sovereign but militarily-weak or defenseless nations which are mostly resource-rich and/or strategically-crucial, the more, the deeper, and the genuine the degree of reverence and admiration of Kim Jong Il’s “military first self-determination, self-reliance and independence” philosophy and politics seem to have gotten further consolidated.

The 4th Media’s Exclusive Reports directly from Pyongyang over the next 8 days will continue in the form of hourly, daily reports of and from the people here.

It’ll report, as plain as possible, their sea of tears, thunderstorm-like cries, but rededication of their already-made deep commitments to further the Kim Jong Il-led “military-first, self-determination, independent economic development” policy.


The 4th Media

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