Merry Christmas for Syria; with Love from America.

Yesterday two bomb blasts shook Damascus, killing 44 people and injuring more than 166. While the Arab League discusses the conflict, the US – E.U. NATO alliance is struggling with Russia at the U.N., the one wanting to abuse it, the other blocking another Libya Style excuse for murdering a head of state and destroying a country, while plans are cooked in London´s Syrian Human Rights Observatory how to best abuse human rights to install yet another Libya Style Dictatorship, the truth has transpired long ago. The problem with the truth is that it has very little functional impact unless it both reaches the masses and the masses have an actual impact on their governments political course of actions. Sadly, in both the USA and the E.U. neither is given. The truth is distorted in media that prostitute them selves by propagating war propaganda, and functional democracy is impossible in states where people begin to be disappeared.

The two terrorist attacks on Friday were perpetrated by means of suicide bombers with explosive laden cars. The attacks targeted the State Security Directorate and another Security branch of the Syrian State, causing about 44 death and more than 166 injured. Most of the murdered and injured are civilians. A delegation of the Arab League visited the sites of the massacres. Preliminary investigations indicate that the attacks very likely have been carried out by Al-Qaeda.

In a statement by the Ministry of Interior it was explained that a suicide bomber in a booby-trapped car broke into the main door of the Area of the Security Branch in Damascus at 10:18 AM, leading to the death of security forces personnel and civilian passersby, also causing significant material damage to nearby buildings. One minute later another suicide bomber drove a booby-trapped GMC 4WD car into the General Intelligence Administration building, also leading to the death of security personnel and passersby as well as significant material damage. The Ministry stated that the modus operandi, the selection of targets, the coordination of the attacks and the aim at causing a maximum amount of casualties bear the typical finger prints of an Al Qaeda operation.

After speaking with an explosives expert tonight, who analyzed images from the scenes, nsnbc can state that the fact that the blast craters underneath the cars blew holes of a significant size into the ground, the fact that reinforced concrete buildings were significantly damaged, and the fact that concrete had been literally blasted away from steel reinforcements, it is evident that the attacks were carried out with significant amounts of military grade high explosives.

Already on 25 September nsnbc reported that Syrian and Russian Intelligence Services had accumulated evidence for that Al Qaeda´s Omar Brigade had been deployed from Saudi Arabia to Syria. (1) In other articles since 28 August nsnbc reported about the material, military, and logistic support of Muslim Brotherhood fighters from NATO Bases inside Turkey, the arming, financing, training and organizing of a subversion by means of insurgents, sanctions, political pressure, and other illegal activities against a sovereign nation.

On 6 October nsnbc reported about the National Counsel of Syria, it´s members, and most importantly their ties to admitted warmongers including Henry Kissinger and Zbigniev Brzezinski, advisor to US President Barak Hussein Obama, and a person who openly declared that it it his policy to force the USA and Russia into a nuclear conflict. The article also refers and links to a copy of a classified US Military Special Forces Training Manual that explains US Strategies and Practices in Subversion. (2)

After the successful destabilization of Libya by use of known Al Qaeda terrorists, under the command of LIFG Commander Abdelhakim Belhadj (3), he is now in charge of training so called Syrian Rebels to perform the same kind of “revolution” in Syria as the NATO led war on Libya.

Russia has long drawn a line in the sand with respect to Syria, emphasizing that it will not tolerate one more abuse of a UNSC Resolution in style with the abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973 which provided the pretext for NATO´s war on Libya. The situation in Syria and neighboring countries could set the entire region on fire, and in deed provoke the very direct military confrontation between NATO and Russia that US President Obama´s security advisor Brzezinski has been working towards for two decades.

After the redeployment of US troops from Iraq to airbases and forward stations along the Jordanian Syrian border, NATO has encircled Syria militarily from Jordan, Iraq, where the USA still maintains a strong presence in spite of it´s so called withdrawal, as well as from Turkey, with NATO Ally Israel closing the ring with the exception of Lebanon which is politically divided between pro and anti Syrian forces.  Russia maintains it´s sole Naval Base with direct access to the Mediterranean in Syria. After the brief war in South Ossetia, this is the second time that NATO and Russian forces may come into direct conflict. Constant provocations against Russia like the recent blocking of a Russian humanitarian aid convoy from entering NATO occupied Kosovo are increasing not only in numbers but in their aggressiveness. The recent material and political support of political unrests in Russia by the USA is a prime indicator of long term US Strategy.

Understandably Russian politicians and diplomats are nervous and careful, attempting to find peaceful and non aggressive solutions to NATO´s war on Syria and it´s covert attempts of subversion in Russia. It is however advisable to consider that diplomacy only has effect as long as there is a partner, and NATO is in spite of all agreements no longer a “Partner for Peace“. It may very well be the wisest course of action for the Syrian government to officially invite Russian troops to help deal with the NATO organized insurgency, and to insist that the United Nations conducts a full investigations into the insurgencies, who organizes and finances them, and on behalf of whom.

The Christmas present for the people of Damascus and Syria was death and destruction. Death and destruction with the fingerprint of Al Qaeda, the CIA, DIA, and Abdelhakim Belhadj. With love from America for Christmas. It is up to the tax payer in the United Sates of America to decide if they want to pay taxes for this type of Christmas Presents any longer.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




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