Kim Jong Il, Leader of the Democratic Peoples Repulic Of Korea Died.

The KCNA reported that Kim Jong Il, the leader of the Peoples Republic of Korea has died last Saturday. Following the death of Kim Jong Il, South Korea has been put on highest alert on Monday. According to KCNA News Agency, the South Korean President Lee Myung-bak convened South Korea´s National Security Counsel to discuss follow up measures with the cabinet. On 15 December, only days before the death of Kim Jong Il, the Chinese Vice Premier Minister Zang Deijang met the North Korean Deputy prime Minister Han Kwan Bok in Beijing. Zang vowed to further exchanges and cooperation between the two nations, and voved stronger ties to North Korea.

Kim Jong Il  died at the age of 69, reportedly from great mental as well as physical strain. The workers Party of the Peoples Republic will be gathering on Tuesday. On 28 September Kim Jong Il promoted Kim Kyong Huy, Choe Ryong Hae, and his son Kim Jong Un to the rank of general, which could be an indication of Kim Jong Il´s wished for continuation of government.On 23 September Kang Sok Ju was appointed to the post of new Vice Prime Minister.

North Korea has been politically isolated by Western Nations, and both the country as well as it´s people have suffered from severe sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea, and the image of the country and it´s political leadership has been subject to severe scapegoating.

It is unlikely that the death of Kim Jong Il will result in tangible improvements between the USA and NATO countries who are perceiving North Korea as a threat to US hegemony in South Korea and the region.

It will be interesting to see whether the development will result in improved relations between South and North Korea. The two countries are divided not only geographically and politically as the tragic result of US hegemony and aggression in the region. The division has also, tragically separated families from living together or visiting each other.

If the current geopolitical situation does not allow for reducing security and military measures, one could hope together with many Koreans in both South and North that both nations realize the division of their country as the product of a the cold war and the recent deterioration in international security. The solution to the decades long conflict between the two Korea ought to be Korean, not Chinese, not Russian, not US-American or European.

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