Libya, the Evil the Grotesque and the Ugly.

Saif Islam Ghadafi is reportedly well and has been walking the streets of Zintan under heavy protection of his capturers. The front is everywhere, and bitter infighting between the Zintan Brigades, the Belhadj Tripoli Brigades, the brigades of the Bengazi Mafia or Transitional National Counsel and other with affiliation to the one, the other or both continue. Human rights abuses and abuse of military and political power go hand in hand. The US Secretary of Defense is planning his first visit to Libya, while Abdelhakim Belhadj has an additional CIA / MI6 Assignment for Syria. The Pearl of Northern Africa has become the Paradise of the Evil, the Grotesque and the Ugly.

According to a report by Allain Jules, Saif Islam al-Ghadafi has been walking the streets of Zintan. He could reportedly walk freely, without hand coughs, but under  protection of heavily armed guards. (1) The heavy guards are hardly necessary to protect Saif Islam al-Ghadafi from the population of Zintan. Neither is it likely that the Resistance would endanger the life of Saif by attempting an amateur like liberation operation in broad daylight in the middle of Zintan. The guards are most probably necessary to protect him from the likes of Abdelhakim Belhadj and the TNC gang in Bengazi. Both demand that Saif is delivered to them for prosecution by the ICC, while the Zintan brigades allegedly fear that a similar fate as that of Muammar Ghadafi would await him if he was transfered. The Zintan Brigades granting of a certain amount of freedom of movement for al-Ghadafi is most likely not based on humanitarian considerations but to counter reports that the Zintan Brigades did not grant the Red Cross or the Red Crescent access to the prisoner of war. With a little insight into the construction of the Arab Cultural Selves it is also not unlikely that the so called freedom of movement should be perceived as the parading of a prisoner of war, the parading of the most precious trophy and ultimately bargaining chip.

The ICC of course would be happy to see Saif Islam al-Ghadafi transferred to The Haag. The fact that the daughter of Muammar Ghadafi has problems at committing the ICC to properly investigate the purported murder of her father as a war crime (2) is but one more piece of evidence for the fact that the international community needs serious rethinking of it´s tendentious approach to international law, and a new initiative towards true international, impartial jurisdiction that is worthy of Justicia, with bilateral and multilateral guaranties of protection against the bullies with the bombs.

The front lines in Libya are running throughout the country, throughout regions, cities, villages, and at times throughout tribes and families, and the fighting continues. Near Tarhuna an army of former Libyan soldiers, tribal fighters as well as entire families confronted the Mizurata Brigade who was en route to attack Tarhuna. The Mizurata Brigade was repelled, leaving some light and medium range weapons behind. Some prisoners were taken.

Fighting erupted in Tripoli when Brigades of Khalifa Hefter and the Mizurate Brigade began a duel with light and heavy automatic weapons. In another firefight the Brigades of the so called Tripoli Military Council, better known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or Al Qaeda came under attack by the Libyan Resistance. Abdelhakim Belhadj is reigning in Tripoli. Belhadj is currently the most senior and most proven Al Qaeda fighter who has murdered in theaters of operation such as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, murdering among other US Troops. (3) In other words, Tripoli is reigned by the undisputed champion of the CIA, and he is undisputed for very good reasons. To mention but a few; the strip selling of Libyan assets, high profile companies and lucrative contracts to Israeli companies, and the military adventure against Syria. Militia from Gheriyan are reportedly joining the Libyan Resistance in substantial numbers. Anti TNC and Pro Ghadafi Demonstrations have shocked the instable government in Bengazi which made use of hard handed repression to maintain the appearance of at least some form of government.

The strategy planners at the Pentagon, at NATO, at the Mossad, MI6 must be looking forward to well earned rewards from the Wall Street, City of London and Tel Aviv backers. The Pearl of Northern Africa is in a state where it continues self destructing with a minimum of military intervention and a minimum of handling assets. That is precisely the state of affairs that reflects the New American Century Warfare. It is the Evil, the Grotesque, and the Ugly of strategists like Brzezinski, manifest.The state of affairs awaiting any nation that fails to take part in the establishment of international solidarity to face the the beast. Face the Lion in Solidarity or be devoured One by One, and this includes Russia and China.

Yesterday, 17 December 2011, the US Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta made his first, so called “historic” visit to Tripoli, and the setting for Panetta´s “congratulation to the Libyan People for their accomplishments and to see what the United States to help them move forward ” could not have been more Evil, more Ugly, or more Grotesque. (4) Panetta met with al-Keeb and a number of other proxy ministers. One might ask Panetta what he actually means when he wants to see what more the USA can do to help Libya along. Are 120.000 killed, cities like Tawergha ethnically cleansed and turned into incinerated ghost towns not enough. Does he want to help Libya along to more war crimes such as documented in an article by Franklin Lamb (5) and many others, and how many more should be killed, maimed, massacred and raped before he has helped enough ?

Panetta. Hard to be more evil, grotesque or ugly.

What the Department of Defense Newsletter as well as corporate media won´t report is the fact that Panetta brought a number of spooks with him who saw Belhadj in order to plan more details of the ongoing war on Syria. Belhadj is a real beacon of democracy, freedom, justice, human rights and everything the US stands for. That is why he is now not only delivering all those wonderful advantages of the USA to the people of Libya. Belhadj is better than that. While still doing all he can to liberate Libyan women by beheading them, he is now commanding the CIA imported fighters that liberated Libya in Turkey. From Bases in Turkey those heroes are now bringing freedom, democracy, womens rights and all those wonderful advantages of the “free world” to the people of Syria.

Panetta, you could not be more Evil, more Grotesque, or more Ugly.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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