Libya Dead or Alive

31 October NATO officially ended Operation Unified Protector after the successful installation of an absolutely dependent and compliant proxy government that would immediately re-invite a coalition of 13 NATO and NATO Allied countries. The first victim of war, it is said, is the truth, and it is time to debunk both the bunk and the debunking.

Muammar Ghadafi Dead or Alive.

Libyans and all peace and freedom loving people were shocked when graphic images and reports about the assassination of the leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya were shown on corporate as well as independent media throughout the world. The images were scrutinized and analyzed, and within hours it became obvious that there seemed to be inconsistencies. What some of the video images of both Muammar Ghadafi and Mutassim showed was that NATO soldiers had been at the scene in both cases. The latter part however has gotten suspiciously little exposure.

Not long before the purported murder on Muammar Ghadafi he addressed the people of Libya and the world, emphasizing and warning that there will come a time where Libyans would not be able to hear his voice. He encouraged them not to become discouraged, to be honorable, and to continue fighting until the aggressors had been defeated and Libya was free from occupation and it´s agents. But was Muammar Ghadafi murdered, or was it his double ? The author of the article does not know, and if he did, he would not be in a position to tell anyone. Rather than speculating, it seems more pressing to analyze various plausible scenarios.

The staging of his own death. It is somewhat plausible, but based on psychological evaluations it is highly unlikely that Muammar Ghadafi would have arranged a disappearance that included the murder of one of his countries citizens. The staging of his own death would have necessitated collusion with NATO, which is highly unlikely.

NATO mistake. It is possible that NATO accidentally has murdered the wrong person. In such case it would have provided a perfect cover for Muammar Ghadafi to withdraw from the public while continuing to organize the resistance, the legal and the political struggle from a covert position. What is important to realize is, that even if NATO or NATO led rebels made a mistake, they have still committed murder and a war crime that needs to be prosecuted.

NATO staged his death. It is plausible that NATO could knowingly have murdered a double to discourage the people of Libya and the resistance. In such case NATO has committed premeditated murder and a war crime that needs to be prosecuted. It is within this context that the demand of Muammar Ghadafi´s daughter that the ICC investigates her fathers death is of extreme importance and her demand needs to be supported. Muammar Ghadafi could have used NATO´s staged death as a means of going underground to organize the political, armed and legal resistance.

NATO murdered Ghadafi. If NATO murdered Muammar Ghadafi it is important to realize that there exists both photographic and video evidence for the presence of NATO troops at the scene during his arrest and murder. Even if it was accidental, or even if it was a rebel gone mad, NATO had command responsibility. It was NATO soldiers responsibility to assure that; a) an injured captive would be given immediate medical care, b) that the prisoner of war was protected from further harm, cruel and degrading punishment, torture, and violence of any nature. The fact that this did not occur with Muammar as well as Mutassim Ghadafi constitutes serious war crimes than must be investigated and prosecuted.

For those who are supportive of the concept of international law, of peaceful coexistence, the question whether Muammar Ghadafi is dead or alive are secondary to the fact that most serious war crimes have been committed. War crimes that must be investigated and prosecuted. Following that we can “speculate” whether Muammar Ghadafi is dead or alive. If he is alive it may very well be the most wise course of action for him to remain incognito until such time where he and his advisors deem it appropriate to address the people of Libya and the world.Until such time may or may not come it is more wise to support legal action against NATO than to speculate.

The Transitional National Counsel, Dead or Alive ?

It seems the majority of Libyans would rather see them dead than alive. As government of Libya it is almost dead, in hiding in Bengazi, with Tripoli governed under the gun of one of the worlds most notorious murderers, Abdelhakim Belhadj. As political leadership of a united Libya it is dead. The mere fact that even basic legal systems do not function, that there is no functional security, that the fractions quarrel and fight about their most precious prisoner of war is all one needs to know to come to one conclusion. A united Transitional National Government of Libya is an illusion that could collapse at the price of a single bullet. It is dead, and that is precisely how the new colonial masters want it to be. Hardly functional, split and each of the factions equally dependent. That´s how to rob and plunder a country. That´s how it´s done so that those wanting to rule it work hard for the masters, as to provide as much lute to them as possible. That´s what has been known since the time of the Romans, if not longer.

The Resistance, Dead or Alive.

Cutting through the propaganda matrix is seems the resistance is alive and doing surprisingly well. This week several cities including Tripoli have witnessed mass protests of people waving green flags, shouting slogans in support and honor of Ghadafi, and demanding an end to foreign troops and mercenaries in Libya. Belhadj does not recognize the Zintan guys, the Zintan Guys don´t recognize the TNC who does not recognize the Zintan guys, different factions are shooting and murdering one another and make it impossible to establish a functional government. One could say that the resistance is getting all the help it needs from it´s opponents.

The armed green resistance has weapons and funding to fight a low intensity war for years on end, and there are regular reports of clashes throughout Libya, including the suburbs and center of Tripoli, Bab Gashir, Ras Lanuf, Brega.

Libya Dead or Alive. Taking into account that the most developed African country, the country with the best health care and social, and educational system, the debt free Libya is in shambles; taking into account that the British vultures expect some 300 bn Dollar no bed contracts for rebuilding what has cost the British a few hundred million to destroy; taking into account that the many casualties of war can not receive adequate health care, that scores of deeply traumatized children can not receive adequate counseling, that the nation is strip sold to who ever is the lowest bitter with the biggest gun and best bribe, the Libya we knew, the Pearl of Northern Africa is very much dead. It is, however, living on in the resistance, and given a few years it is most likely that Libya will experience a renaissance in Libya and throughout the world. The idea of a nation governed by the people for the people has been deeply planted into the hearts and minds of a new generation of revolutionaries throughout the world. It is them who will be the undoing of the new colonialism and it´s masters.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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