Denmark drops Probe into CIA Flights

The Danish Social Democratic and Socialist Peoples Party coalition government is dropping plans to investigate whether the US has sent secret flights with prisoners via Danish airspace, en route to torture and interrogations

The new Foreign Minister of Denmark, Villy Søvndahl, of the Socialist Peoples Party, has recently declared that the government would not investigate Denmarks possible involvement in secret CIA-Prisoners Transports. Søvndahls statement has drawn heavy criticism from among other the Danish UN watchdog FN-Forbundet. Denmark has long been criticized for it´s wide spread use of torture, and especially for keeping detainees in total isolation for months on end before a trial.

Demands for a full investigation of CIA´s illegal prisoner transports via Danish airspace and Danish Airports arose after information that the CIA had conducted more than 1.900 suspicious flights via Denmark since 2001, and after the CIA would neither confirm or deny that those lights had taken place of had detainees on board.

A spokesperson for the liberalist opposition party Venstre, Søren Pind, declared to Danish media that he supports the governments decision and holds the government in high regards for it´s patriotic act by preventing a probe into the flights and Denmarks eventual complicity. Venstre has led Danish government coalitions for over one decade. Former Danish Prime Ministers Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is currently Secretary general of NATO, as well as former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen are members of Venstre.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen in Afghanistan 1988

Denmark has been taking part in the wars on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and most recently Libya. An intelligence analyst from Denmark who is known to nsnbc but prefers to remain anonymous indicated, that a probe into the suspicious flights might unearth not only illegal transports of detainees to black sites and third nations for torture. The transports could, so the analyst, eventually have revealed secret deployments of mercenaries and groups otherwise specified as “terrorists” to fight in US and NATO backed insurgencies. In particular the probe could have stirred up an investigation into several high ranking Danish politicians ties to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen as well as Pia Kjærsgaard are well known for their warm support of the Afghani “freedom fighters” struggle against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (1).



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