Libya: New Vice Roy, New Bills, New Fighting

New Vice Roy of Libya

The Transitional National Counsel of Libya has elected a new unelected Vice Roy to represent Big Oil, Finance Capital and Colonialism in Libya. NATO is presenting the TNC a bill of 480 Milliard USD and wraps up a “successful mission”. New troops from 13 countries are being deployed, and fighting continues throughout Libya between rebel fractions, rebel fractions and foreign military forces, and between all of the above and the Libyan Resistance. 

The Transitional National Counsel has “elected” Abdurrahim el-Keib for the post of Prime Minister, replacing Mahmoud Jibril. El-Keib has dual Libyan and US citizenship. The fact that el-Keib has dual citizenship is not surprising for a number of reasons. Some of the most prominent are that numerous members of the US Senate or US Administrations have dual citizenship. Predominantly dual citizenship of Israel and the US. Why not have a Libyan Prime Minister and Vice Roy of Libya with dual citizenship, so Libyans have no reason to doubt where the new Prime Ministers loyalty is. Another good reason for el-Keib´s dual citizenship is that el-Keib has been living and working in the USA for years.

The Washington Post writes that El-Keib holds a Doctorate in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, where he also taught. Reportedly el-Keib moved to Alabama in 1985. El-Keib seems also to have worked for the Petroleum Institute of the United Arab Emirates. According to online sources, el-Keib has been teaching at the University of Alabama for 20 years, becoming involved with the Faculty Senate, and becoming a speaker, representing Muslim to other faiths after the events of 11 September 2001 (1).

Like many other TNC members el-Keib does not seem to have much political experience. This fact is mirrored by other neo-colonial projects such as the National Transitional Counsel of Syria. It is yet to early to determine if el-Keib has ties to the rogue network of putchists around Zbigniev Brzezinski and Kissinger, as is the case with many of the known members of the Syrian pendant to the Libyan TNC (2). What can be said with a high degree of confidence already however, is that el-Keib most probably is Washington’s, Big Oil´s, Finance Capitals, and Colonialists perfect choice for Prime Minister, for the time being.

El-Keib will have the task to form an interim government and to form a constitutional counsel that will have the task to provide a constitution for Libya. This counsel should be established, and a constitution written by July. So far there is no information available that would clarify if the new constitution would have to be accepted by the Libyan population by referendum. It is worth bearing in mind that most Libyans, contrary to el-Keib, only have a Libyan passport and no dual citizenship.

NATO has declared the conclusion of operation Unified Protector, and as predicted in a previous article, the operation that killed tens of thousands of Libyans was declared a success. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Libya in a “surprise visit” or rather a PR-Ceremony, declaring NATO´s willingness to continue “assisting” the new Libyan Government (3). The success of NATO could be summed up by the following facts. NATO has successfully toppled a stable North African Government and replaced it with an unstable proxy government that is easy to control, and whose new PM has dual US – Libyan Citizenship. A perfect Vice Roy. NATO has succeeded at importing a sufficient amount of Al Qaeda fighters to destabilize the country for years. Thus it has laid the foundation for a long term presence, and a justification for a continuation of the so called “war on terror”. NATO can continue it´s operations without UN Mandate since NATO countries now are invited by the Vice Roy who has dual US-Libyan Citizenship. NATO has succeeded in destroying the Libyan infrastructure and thus ruined decades of progress. It will take other decades to rebuild the country, and it is most likely that those attractive contracts will be granted to Libya´s new masters. NATO has opened the way for Libya entering the Mediterranean Alliance and thus dividing rather than strengthening African Unity. NATO has succeeded in preventing the nationalization of Libyan resources, and lucrative oil contracts are being secured. NATO has again established that it has the ability to wage a war with a minimal number of legitimate ground forces, making use of mercenaries, whom they afterwards can fight as terrorists. And NATO has succeeded in making Libyans paying 480 Milliard US-Dollars to NATO for the murder and destruction that NATO has provided (4). From a purely utilitarian perspective, NATO has all reason to perceive Libya as a success. Words like democracy, human rights, liberation, and the like are for public consumption, and it is not difficult to imagine how difficult it must be for Rasmussen not to bite his own tongue when pronouncing them.

13 Nations, including the USA, the UK, the old colonial master Italy, France, Germany, who once said “never again war“, Qatar and colleagues are in the process of deploying additional troops to Libya. Additional, because special forces had been on the ground already before the beginning of the so called revolution. The game plan is the establishment of a permanent US / NATO base in Libya that will serve as a platform to facilitate further aggressions in Africa. Israel is also negotiating about a base. Obama´s words about Palestinian Statehood only being viable within a comprehensive solution of the “problems” in the Middle East attain an almost ghostly appearance. Remembering the massacres on the Tawergha and tens of thousands of black Africans the “comprehensive solution for the Middle East” begins increasingly to sound like Hitlers “Endlösung” for the Jewish Problem.

The fighting in Libya continues. Several “rebel” fractions demand limited autonomy in enclaves they have occupied and the Al Qaeda flag was raised over the courthouse in Bengazi. Rest assured that Pentagon planners long ago appropriated means to fight the war on terror in Libya. A war against the very forces they unleashed. Abdelhakim Belhadj will most likely again play the role of CIA and MI6 sponsored villain and terrorist whom the US can fight. In Tripoli rebel fractions murder one another to such degree that one may ask is they will leave any one to fight for the resistance. The Libyan resistance is present everywhere. Not necessary visible as sitting ducks for bombs and artillery, but present.

Saif Islam Ghadafi has dismissed any rumors that he wanted to surrender to the ICC and vows to continue the resistance, saying that he can not betray his father (5). When saying that he can not betray his father, he implicitly said that he can not betray the people of Libya. And why would an intelligent person want to surrender to an ICC that would in the best case have him spend years in a prison cell, and in the best case have him murdered like Milosevic.

Southern Libya remains under Libyan control. According to a phone call nsnbc received last night, Bani Walid is under Libyan control after heavy fighting inside and around the city. Fighting continues in Zawaya. Fighting continues in several districts of Tripoli. Fighting continues in the region around Tobruk. It seems like the Libyan Resistance is slowly but surely reorganizing and that the actual war for the liberation of Libya has only just begun and will become part of a larger war for the protection of Africa against the colonial ambitions of the Anglo-American Empire.

Christof Lehmann


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