Libyan Democracy: Elections After Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

After eight months of relentless bombing, genocide and ethnic cleansing, NATO has succeeded in destabilizing the country. International pressure towards elections is increasing, and TNC Executive Board Chairman Jibril is trying to follow suit while the country descends into utter chaos. The genocide on black Libyans, Tuareg and Tawergha continues; so does the resistance. The NATO model for democracy in Libya seems to be that elections will be held after the genocide and ethnic cleansing is completed. Dr. Christof Lehmann

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

When NATO ends Operation Unified protector tonight at 23.59 Libyan time, it will be praising itself for it´s successful mission. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen will give a Press Briefing, stating that Operation Unified Protector has protected civilian lives from the merciless and despotic Libyan “Regime and Dictator“. Most likely Rasmussen will also speak about humanitarian principles, and the development of NATO into a modern alliance that is ready to commit to future operations to secure peace, stability and democracy world wide. Rasmussen will also emphasize that much remains to be accomplished on Libya´s way to establishing democracy and freedom, that democratic processes need to strengthened and protected. The “protection” of Libya´s “transition to democracy” must of course be “protected” by the USA, the UK, France, Qatar, Germany, Italy, et al. and their military forces. Libyan´s will be acutely aware of what “protection” means for them. After all, they have been protected to death by the tens of thousands.

One of NATO´s and the globalists most favorite puppets in Libya, the Chairman of the Transitional National Council´s Executive Board Mahmud Jibril is under intense international pressure to deliver on his promises of democracy. The Pan-African Parliament as well as the United Nations are calling for the establishment of  an all inclusive process towards elections (1). Jibril, or may be Jalil will also have some promising words to say, knowing very well that they can not deliver on their promises before a coalition of colonial armies have secured their fragile position.

Al Qaeda Flag over Bengazi Courthouse

One of Jibril´s greatest problems will be that the CIA and Al Qaeda backed mercenaries and CIA imported foreign fighters in Libya feel quite content with their newly won power. The fact that an Al Qaeda flag is flying high over the courthouse in Bengazi is just a hint of what will be waiting for those who betrayed Libya, and who now try to rule it.  In Misurata the “rebels” who were responsible for some of the most appalling massacres and ethnic cleansing missions are holding victory parades, marching through the city like a horde of brown shirts in the early days of Nazi-Germany. Die Fahne Hoch has been substituted with Allahhuakbar. Most importantly, those “rebels” are making demands such as “regional autonomy for cities captured by Al Qaeda”. Imagine Libya, the most prosperous African Nation, descending into a chaos of Mini-Al Qaeda Emirates, led by professional terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj.

It may very well be that US, French, German, Italian, Qatari and other troops that are being deployed to Libya will have to fight both the Libyan Resistance and some of the “rebel fractions” which they have unleashed on the Libyans. And rest assured, that Pentagon Planners and other war criminals long ago have appropriated funds to fight the very terrorist threat in Libya that they have installed there. Neither the US, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, and other who will continue the war against the Libyan people will be interested in a stable Libya yet. Especially the demands for all inclusive democratic processes must be circumvented by any means possible. Their planners, strategists and warmongers know as well as Jibril, Jalil and the TNC Crime Syndicate, that if the Libyan population had their say in an all inclusive process, they would be asked to leave and never to come back.

Before something as “dangerous” as an all inclusive process can be a success for the aggressors and their proxy government, a lot more Libyans will have to be murdered and massacred. Entire cities are wiped out. Sirte has literally become a ghost town. The logic of the war criminals seems to be: “ if the demography is a danger to our brand of democracy, ethnic cleansing and genocide become legitimate means for protecting civilians from themselves by murdering them“.

Sirte is far from the only city that has been turned into rubble and a ghost town. The entire city of Tawergha with a population of 30.000 has been ethnically cleansed by the so called “rebels” from Misurata (2). According to a recent video by Human Rights Watch Emergency Director Peter Bouckaert Tawergha is empty and being burned to the ground. Misurata “rebels” reportedly say that Tawergha has ceased to exist and will never be allowed to be rebuilt. Survivors will never be allowed to return. (3) Bouckaert however, failed to mention human rights organizations complicity in what has happened to the Libyans and the Tawergha (4). Already in September reports that black Libyans were systematically targeted (5) came to the attention of the world for anyone to witness who cared enough to be informed by other than the corporate complicit media.

An all inclusive process can not be allowed by the warmongers before the demographics are considerably changed. Thus, the massacres will most likely continue when 13 nations deploy their military forces. 13 is in Jewish qabbalistic  terms the number of death, and that is what those 13 nations forces have in store for Libyans to adjust the colonialists demographic problem. Not surprisingly Israel desires to open an embassy in Libya and strike a deal for a military base with the new representatives of democracy and freedom in Libya. Who knows. May be Jalil, Jibril et al. find the Israeli idea of an apartheid wall so inspiring that they try to implement the same politics towards Libyan tribes, that Israel is using against Palestinians in Ghaza and the West Bank. Small enclaves for Tribal People with walls around them, granted some form of autonomy that excludes them from the most dangerous democratic processes. That would solve the demographic problem.

At a recent tribal counsel of Tuareg it was declared that Tuareg from all over Northern Africa continue the resistance with Saif Islam Ghadafi as their elected leader. The Tuareg encourage all Libyans to continue resisting (6). Most tribes continue the resistance, and so does the Libyan military, and a slowly but surly growing international alliance that supports the struggle against contemporary colonialism in Africa and throughout the world.

Tonight at 23.59 Libyan time Operation Unified Protector has a change of name. Criminals and criminal organizations have the habit to use alias. There is nothing new about it. The ICC will continue to search for war criminals, who per definition are enemies of NATO. The coalition of 13 will continue the monstrous crimes. Libyans will continue to resist. Global players will continue to use Libya and Libyans as a means for scoring diplomatic and political advantages but do nothing to stop the massacres.

Christof Lehmann


(3) Human Rights Watch Emergency Director peter Bouckaert in Tawergha

(6) Appeal of Tuareg Tribe to all Libyans.

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