Libya War to continue without UN Mandate.

Sirte after 8 months protection of civilian lives

After the United Nations Security Counsel had lent apparent legitimacy for the war on Libya, a new resolution was passed yesterday, ending NATO´s U.N. Mandate. NATO proclaimed, that it will end operation Unified Protector on 31 October. As predicted in previous articles on nsnbc, the NATO installed Transitional National Counsel is asking NATO and a coalition of “Friends of Libya” to continue fighting the Libyan Resistance, lead by Saif Islam Ghadafi, who continues to be the victim of intense disinformation. NATO will function as command and coordination structure. NATO Air Force has been tied to Libya for eight months. The possibility to withdraw significant air power from Libya after 31 October will significantly increase it´s capabilities for a long planned aggression against Syria. By Dr. Christof Lehmann

Mustafa Abdul Jalil

TNC leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil held the “Libya Liberated Speech in Bengazi, not Tripoli(1). The fact that Jalil held this speech in Bengazi was not only based on his tribal preferences, but on the fact that Tripoli was shaken by heavy fighting. After Jalil´s speech nsnbc evaluated the push for lending apparent legitimacy to the TNC, and for a narrative about apparent victory and stability as an indication for, that NATO needed the invitation of a legitimate interim government to continue it´s aggression, initiating a new strategic phase(2). NATO´s need for initiating a new strategic phase, ending operation Unified Protector was not only caused by the anticipation that a prolongation of it´s UN mandate would be blocked at the Security Counsel, but because NATO probably did not expect that it´s air power, needed for a planned aggression in Syria(3), would be tied down to Libya for eight months.

On 27 October the United Nations Security Counsel voted unanimously to order an end to what was branded “NATO´s Civilian Protection Mandate“(4). “following Libyan Authorities Formal Declaration of Liberation“. The Security Counsel´s Press Release SC 10424 is calling for a halt of NATO´s operation Unified Protector on 31 October, 23.59 o`clock, Libyan time.

As predicted in previous articles, the end of Unified Protector will be the initiation of a new strategic phase of the aggression against Libya. Sirte has fallen after what only can be described as one of the most outrageous war crimes of this century and as late as yesterday there were still reports of wide spread summary executions. Even Al-Jazeera could not avoid to notice the destruction(5) and surviving inhabitants outrage. Large parts of Northern Libya are under NATO and TNC control, but the resistance continues. Southern Libya is still to the greatest part under the control of the Libyan Resistance. A TNC or interim government without foreign military support would most likely be falling within a week.

In a meeting with NATO´s military leadership in Doha the TNC leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil reportedly invited NATO to extend it´s mission in Libya to ensure “that no arms are infiltrated into neighboring countries and to guarantee the security of Libyans from some remnants of Ghadafi forces who have fled to nearby countries“. The TNC also invites NATO to assist in developing Libya´s defense and security systems. Qatar has reportedly offered to establish a new security alliance that consists of various countries and NATO to assist in important matters of the country´s rehabilitation, especially in the field of military exercise, armaments and arms collection. At least 13 countries are expected to participate in the alliance called “The Friends Committee in Support of Libya”. The alliance includes the USA, France, and the UK (6).

In pragmatical terms this translates into the following. After NATO successfully has destabilized the country to such a degree that a fully dependent proxy government is installed, this government is “legitimately” inviting the US, France, the UK, Qatar and a number of other “friends” to continue the ground war against the Libyan Resistance which is controlling about half of the country. NATO countries maintain command control over international ground forces. This enables NATO to withdraw a significant amount of air power from Libya. Air power that is urgently needed for initiating a long planned and expected aggression against Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon in phase one, and Iran in phase two.

While NATO is preparing the withdrawal of it´s air forces from Libya on 31 October,  NATO´s war of lies and disinformation continues. One of the latest disinformation campaigns claims that Saif Islam Ghadafi was willing to surrender himself to the ICC (7). An international lawyer known to nsnbc asked, “why would Saif want to surrender to the ICC and thus accept it´s legitimacy, why would he want to rot in an ICC prison for years when he can be free, or in the worst case dye in ICC custody like Milosevic“. If the function of such disinformation is to discourage the Libyan Resistance and saw doubt among the majority of Libyans who are loyal to the legitimate political and military leadership of Libya, it is bound to fail.

Christof Lehmann



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