Al-Assad the Next Victim of NATO Assassination.

After months of NATO backed insurgency into Syria, and a slow preparation for an actual invasion, Russia and China drew a line into the Syrian Sand, blocking for another UNSC Resolution that would be abused by NATO in style with the war on Libya. Recent intelligence however, is providing evidence that NATO is set for initiating a global conflict with Russia and China. After NATO achieved it´s Libyan goal to destabilize the country, the preparation of the western public by complicit media into accepting an attack on Syria and the murder of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is gaining momentum. An attack may be imminent. Security experts warn, an attack on Syria, Hezbollah and Iran may be coming before January. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Saad Hariri

Latest by the end of August 2011 it became evident, that the Arabian Spring was a long planned NATO initiative designed to result in the conquest and colonization of Northern Africa and the Middle East, as part of a war directed against China and Russia. Since then, both the US and EU have both imposed sanctions against Syria and financed, armed, and actively supported an armed insurgency in Syria. The Saudi Lebanese citizen, and former Premier of Lebanon Saad Hariri has since been implicated in financing and arming the subversion, that so far has resulted in the murder, maiming and kidnapping of thousands of military personnel, political functionaries, elected government functionaries, and citizens. Besides being known for his pro NATO, pro Saudi politics, and for arming and financing the insurgency in Syria, Hariri is also known for having manufactured evidence used at the ICC. nsnbc has published a secretly recorded audio tape and a translation, that provides ample evidence. The fact that Hariri is implicated, and renewed call for referring Bashar Al-Assad to the ICC may very well be understood as a precursor of yet another show trial being prepared at the ICC.

Yaser Tabbara

As among other documented in an analysis of NATO´s aggression in Ivory Coast and Libya, a NATO subversion is always implemented by use of domestic elements. An analysis of the persons, organizations, foundations and institutes behind the National Transitional Counsel of Syria has shown that all of it´s known members, such as Yaser Tabara, have ties to organizations such as The National Endowment for Democracy, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, the MI 6 backed Muslim brotherhood, and a cohort of other organizations with close ties to western intelligence services. Most of the known members of the National Transitional Counsel of Syria, who demands to be accepted as the sole representative of the Syrian People, has ties to the notorious war mongers Zbigniev Brzezinski and war the notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger and their organizations.

President Bashar Al-Assad targeted for assassination

Also the long term US- and NATO ally Saudi Arabia is heavily implicated in the ongoing subversion of Syria. By the end of September 2011 Syrian Intelligence Services had gathered sufficient evidence to announce that the Saudi Arabia based Al Qaeda assassination experts, the Mullah Omar Brigade, which has earned it´s infamous reputation by assassinating Iraqi politicians, intelligence and military personnel, as well as US Troops in Iraq, had been deployed from Saudi Arabia to Syria. Taking into account that the United States Executive Order 12.333 explicitly declares the assassination of foreign nations heads of state as a “legitimate instrument of US-Foreign Policy” and taking into account countless assassinations since the murder of Lumumba in the 60´s, the deployment of the Mullah Omar Brigade can only be understood as a sign for the targeting of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for assassination.The fact that Bashar Al-Assad was being targeted for assassination acquired an even more acute dimension, after China and Russia blocked a United Nations Security Counsel Resolution, that would have provided NATO with a pretext for an aggression against Syria.

Susan Rice

Standard operating procedure for the preparation of illegitimate aggressions is the manipulation of the public into accepting the aggression as justified. Corporate and state controlled media, and increasingly also human rights organizations are playing an essential role in these campaigns. On late Tuesday US Senators Dick Turbin, Benjamin Cardin, Robert Menendez, and Barbara Boxer signed and sent a letter to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. In their letter the senators are calling on the U.N. Security Counsel to refer alleged “violent acts on opponents of the Syrian regime“, stating that it is “ paramount that the security counsel refers credible allegations of crimes against humanity by the Syrian regime to the International Criminal Court“.  Not long ago Ambassador Rice walked out in protest, when China and Russia blocked for a UNSC resolution that would have provided a pretext for another UN-Backed aggression. It is to be expected that the function of the senators demands is to provide international media coverage for a diplomatic confrontation between the US and NATO countries with Russia and China at the United Nations. This media coverage will provide opportunity to intensify the media campaign with the use of fabricated video evidence of peaceful protesters being mercilessly attacked. Ample evidence for the fact that Syria is mercilessly attacked by a well organized insurgency will hardly bee shown on any of the complicit media. For readers interested in seeing evidence to the contrary of NATO narratives, nsnbc has provided a You Tube play list with videos from Syria.

This week a media delegation from Denmark has visited Syria, and the expected result will be more fabricated evidence that will prepare Danish and western media consumers for the expected aggression. According to most Danish, European and US Media, President Bashar Al-Assad is already sentenced, and the public is prepared to accept his execution in style with that of Saddam Hussein. One week ago one of the leading Danish newspapers, the freely distributed “Weekend Avisen” published a front page article exiting the public against the tyrannical Syrian Regime and President Al-Assad. A photo montage with the Syrian Presidents head in a noose, was a clear indication for the scripting of public accept, and the manufacturing of demands, to murder yet one more head of state who defies NATO´s aggressive colonialist ambitions.  In best NAZI Propaganda style, the photo was framed with an image of the notorious representative of evil Darth Wader from George Lucas Star Wars to the left, and the image of a Dragon Tattoo to the right. Aggressions are invariably initiated by the demonization and dehumanization of what aggressors wish to position as perceived enemy. Complicit media are playing a crucial and criminal role.

Khamis Ghadafi

Already in the beginning of September, a high ranking military source stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, informed nsnbc, that the US has special forces operating inside Syria, and that active preparations for an attack on Syria, Hezbollah and Lebanon, as well as Iran have been actively prepared for months. The reasons for, that the planned attacks have so far remained at a covert, unconventional warfare stage are most likely; The fact that the Libyan Military and in particular the elite 32nd Brigade led by Khamis Ghadafi, the Tribal and the Popular Resistance have given NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and their Al Qaeda mercenaries a much stiffer resistance than anticipated; The fact that substantial diplomatic, economic and military resources have been tied to Libya for eight months rather than Libya being an easy push over, post modern coup d´etat; The fact that these resources are needed by NATO to initiate an overt attack.

The fact that Russia and China are vehemently opposing an aggression against Syria at the United Nations; the fact that both Russia and China are on alert, expecting a global conflict; could possible be perceived as factors that have so far prevented the outrage of the widening of the war. Those who believe that the United Nations has retained sufficient functionality to stop a war on Syria, Lebanon and Iran as well as Pakistan however, may be looking forward to a rude awakening. A recent intelligence analysis strongly indicates that NATO seems to be hell bound for initiating a global conflict. A conflict that will engulf the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Northern America, Russia, and China.

Christof Lehmann


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