NATO War Plans for Libya and Beyond.

When Saif Islam Ghadafi promises the People of Libya that he will continue the resistance against NATO´s occupation of Libya, he is speaking to the hearts of millions of Libyans and Africans. His pledge is made in the awareness that the war of liberation may last years, and that the resistance will become part of an African Struggle against contemporary colonialism. The expected end of NATO´s Operation Unified Protector, expected on 31 October will initiate a new phase of NATO´s aggression against Libya, and most likely, the expansion of NATO´s aggression to other theaters. By Dr. Christof Lehmann

In Libya many cities are partly controlled by NATO mercenaries, partly by Libyan Military, Tribal and Popular Resistance. Front lines can change from one minute to the other, and many dare not speak above their breath about their thoughts about the Transitional National Counsel, NATO´s special forces in plain clothes, disguised as Libyans, and Al Qaeda brand mercenaries who try to rule and rob while forcing people under their guns. For many Libyans, it is within this context of massacres, arbitrary arrests and executions, within the context of genocide on Black Libyans and Tribes, that the latest message of Saif Islam Ghadafi, the second son of the assassinated Muammar Ghadafi, is a promise and pledge that they perceive as a call to arms.

By 23 October NATO had flown near to 10.000 Strike Sorties over Libya. Anyone who has either studied or experienced the result of the load of averagely five missiles or bombs per sortie being used in densely populated areas like Tripoli, Sirte, Bengazi, Bani Walid knows, that every sortie is bound to result in numerous death, and massive amounts of casualties, not even to mention the illegal destruction of infrastructure and civilians habitats. Bearing that in mind, there is hardly any Libyan, who has not suffered the murder of one or more loved ones or relatives, and thus, Saif Islam Ghadafi´s pledge to continue the resistance is striking very personal and understandable desires for revenge, and for ridding the country of the onslaught of robbers, thieves and rapists, that have chocked the Libyan population, and which would chock any decent European or US-Citizen, were it not for the complicity of western media.

As well as the pledge by Saif Islam Ghadafi is both a political message and a personal promise to lift the inheritance of his father Muammar Ghadafi, as well are the peoples and organizations pledges political and personal. Libyan Youth and Students organizations are promising to continue their resistance. Some report, that the real resistance has not even begun. Both the Libyan Youth and Students enjoyed liberties and support by the Libyan State, that is unrivaled among E.U. Nations, let alone the USA. No other African Nation has protected and encouraged womens rights as much as Libya, and recent messages of an implementation of Sharia law by the new Libyan “rulers” are provoking outrage among Libyan women and womens rights organizations world wide.

When the Chairman of the Transitional National Counsel´s Executive Committee, Mahmud Jibril, announces the implementation of Sharia Law in Libya, it is not to be confused with the humanitarian principles that are enshrined in Islam and Sharia Law. Keeping in mind who is most likely the “enforcer” of the new Libyan Laws, Al Qaeda Commander Abdelhakim Belhadj, it is not true Sharia, but the perverted Saudi Brand of Law, disguised as Sharia, that will be implemented unless the resistance succeeds. Sharia law in Libya will hardly echo the free Libya, where charging interests on loans was prohibited according to the ethical tenets of Islam, when the TNC is inviting the World Bank, IMF, and other usurping atrocities into the country.Resistance for Libya and Libyans is equivalent to having nothing left to loose and everything to win, and the longer the country is under the rule of a proxy government, the more likely it is, that even the most placid say “enough is enough”.

The war on Libya is part of a wider contemporary colonial NATO project, which is not interested in a stable Libyan government. When Spain declares the discontinuation of it´s aggression in Libya, and when NATO pronounces that it most likely will discontinue operation Unified Protector on 31 October, it is not because Libya is stable, but because NATO has achieved the destabilization of the country. NATO´s push towards the fastest possible establishment of an interim government is most likely based on the fact that this government and it´s military leader Belhadj can “legally” call upon NATO for assistance. Before that can be done, NATO and the TNC have at least to provide the appearance of legitimacy and stability of the new government. The most likely scenario is thus, that a complicit media will sale the narrative of a stable TNC and happy tomorrows.

One other pressing reason for NATO to discontinue it´s operation is, that the Libyan Military, Tribal and Popular Resistance have succeeded in tying a substantial part of NATO´s forces to Libya for over eight months. Those forces are urgently needed by NATO for other planned theaters, including Syria, Iran, and Pakistan, as part of NATO´s project towards a global conflict with Russia and China.

As standard operating procedure, the US and EU citizens are prepared for an aggression with the complicity of the media. When US Senator McCain said, that Putin and Hu should see the events in Libya as a warning, and called on Moscovites to follow the Libyans example, it is part of the criminal manipulation of the masses. McCain, who often is sold as maverick politician is one of the USA´s most influential politicians. When Obama is on SKY News, saying that Ghadafi´s death is a warning to others, it is to be perceived within the context of preparing the masses for accepting yet another illegal war.

NATO Special Forces have for months financed, trained and armed insurgents in Syria, using NATO bases in Turkey. Unless the so called “peaceful protesters in Syria” have acquired helicopter gunships, the evidence on the ground in Syria is pointing towards NATO special forces operating inside the country latest since September. In September, a nsnbc source at Ft. Bragg informed that preparations for an invasion of Syria, and a war on Iran as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon have been actively prepared for months. The recent calls of McCain and Obama are, but a sobering warning that NATO is about to push towards an invasion of Syria, and the world into a global conflict, which consequences are beyond words.

An in depth analysis of the who is who behind the National Transitional Counsel of Syria, shows that it has been prepared for years, with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy and other organizations around the clique of war mongers Brzezinski and Kissinger. It´s recognition by Libya´s TNC is but one more indication for what is being prepared.

Like Syria, Pakistan is also a high priority for NATO. The recent deployment of 20.000 Chinese troops into Pakistan Administrated Kashmir, and Afghanistan´s declaration that it would side with Pakistan in case of a US or NATO aggression are a clear indication of extraordinarily strained relations to NATO. Afghanistan has been occupied for over ten years, and with catastrophic results for both the Afghani and Pakistani people.

The epicenter of the aggressions, that are pushing the world ever closer to a global war with abhorrent and unfathomable consequences is the United States of America. Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other who are at the receiving end of NATO´s Humanitarian Murder resist and pay a heavy price for their resistance. The civic duty to resist a criminal government that is about to instigate a global war is incumbent for every citizen of the USA. A co-opted “Occupy Wall Street movement will neither save the American citizen, the economy, or world peace.

Christof Lehmann


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Christof Lehmann is the founder and senior editor of nsnbc. Christof Lehmann is a political writer, psychologist, and independent political consultant on a wide range of issues, including conflict and conflict resolution, negotiations, security management, crisis management. His articles are published widely in international print and online media and he is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs. He is a lifelong advocate for human rights, peace and international justice and the prosecution of war crimes - also those committed by privileged nation. In September 2011 Christof Lehmann started the blog nsnbc in response to what he perceived as an embargo on truth about the conflict in Libya and Syria. In 2013, he plans to transform nsnbc into an independent, daily, international online newspaper.
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