Libya War To Last Years.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

As tragic as the death of Muammar and Mutassim Ghadafi may be, it does not appear as if it contributes to ending the conflict. On the contrary, as analyzed in a previous article, there are both US and Russian Interests who would benefit from prolonging the conflict, all though for entirely different reasons. A stop of NATO´s campaign Unified Protector may end the aerial bombardments but not the war. In spite of the declaration of an “Islamic Republic” by the TNC and political grand standing with declarations of victory, the reality on the ground looks dire and is reason to predict that there is no end to the suffering of the Libyan people in sight. By Dr. Christof Lehmann

According to Algeria ISP, the spokesperson of the legitimate Libyan Government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim has pronounced, that the “rebels” from Zenten have threatened Abdelhakim Belhadj with assassination. Belhadj is commander of the Tripoli Military Counsel, also known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Belhadj has reportedly ordered some 20.000 “rebels” from Zenten who occupy an estimated two third of Tripoli to leave the city. The response of the Zenten “rebels” was reportedly that Belhadj should leave Tripoli since he never participated in any combat, and since he was installed into his position by NATO and Qatar. Already in an article from 25 September, nsnbc elicited the high likelihood of an assassination of Belhadj. nsnbc received so far unconfirmed reports that the infighting for positions of power, control over arms, ammunitions and money as well as territory among NATO and TNC allied mercenary and tribal militia has been a growing problem for the TNC leadership.

The loyalty and respect of the vast majority of Libyan tribes towards Muammar Ghadafi and the political principles developed by him are not only reflected by the sustained resistance, but also by the fact that several tribes declared that Muammar Ghadafi belonged to “their” tribe. The adoption of Muammar Ghadafi as member of the tribes is to be understood as an implicit announcement of the tribes revenge against those who murdered Ghadafi and the forces behind his murder. There are even, so far unconfirmed reports, that there have been quarrels among tribal leaders about who and what tribe is allowed to take revenge. nsnbc has spoken to an anthropologist who is an expert on North African tribal cultures, who wishes to remain anonymous. According to the anthropologist those reports should be understood within the context of it being an honorable declaration of loyalty to quarrel about who is allowed to revenge the murder, rather than it being a sign of any conflict between the tribes.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pronounced that the murder of Muammar Ghadafi will not end the resistance. Taking the current aggressive posture of the Anglo-American Empire into account, and the fact that both Venezuela, Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and numerous other nations express gravest concerns about the ongoing NATO aggression in Libya and other NATO aggressions around the globe, it becomes increasingly clear that the aggression against Libya may become the starting point of a new polarization in global politics.

The Chairman of the Transitional National Counsel Mustafa Abdul Jalil delivered a “Libya is Liberated” speech” in Bengazi. The fact that both fighting between the Libyan Resistance and NATO / TNC fighters, as well as infighting between “rebel” fractions inside Tripoli makes the situation so volatile, that the most important speech Jalil yet has delivered, the “Declaration of the Islamic Republic of Libya“, had to be delivered in Bengazi should tell anyone that the Libyan war is far from being over. A population used to the highest standard of living in any African nation, a population used to womens rights, equality, freedom of speech, and a population used to a participatory and direct form of governance is not likely to accept Jalil´s and Al Qaeda´s brand of governance or justice. Jalil´s speech may have the function to sale NATO countries populations a narrative of victory before it withdraws it´s forces that have been tied down to Libya by the Libyan resistance for over eight months. According to military and intelligence analysts those forces are urgently needed for NATO´s next aggression, which is likely to be directed against Syria and Pakistan. Neither the Libyan people, the Libyan resistance, or honest political analysts can see Jalil´s Liberation Speech for anything else than one more  political charade for public consumption in NATO countries. In the light of the gravity of international developments that are bringing the world more close to the unthinkable, the theater of Jalil declaration of an imaginary republic in Libya is nothing but a footnote in the annals of history.

Christof Lehmann


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