Libya Descend Into Chaos.

Jibril - No Money, No Weapons, No Party, No Nothing

Today the TNC of Libya is expected to have a televised meeting, and the Chairman of it´s Executive Board Mahmud Jibril may hand in his resignation. Jibril reportedly said, that Libya would descend into chaos if the war went on much longer. 16 October the UNSC freed more of Libya´s frozen funds, so the plunder of Libya can continue. An end of the war seems as illusive as ever, and it seems no one is seriously interested in ending it any time soon. By Dr. Christof Lehmann

After U.S.-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit in Tripoli to speak with TNC Executive Board Chairman Mahmud Jibril, Jibril pronounced that he may resign as soon as Thursday. Today the TNC is expected to have a televised meeting, where it is expected to pronounce eventual resignations, designations and more. What has escaped most media so far is, that Clinton´s visit, and the discussions of changes in the TNC Leadership followed a session of the United Nations Security Counsel on 16 October.

Though critical of war crimes and human rights abuses in Libya, the UNSC Resolution 2009 was one more round of freeing so far frozen Libyan Assets, so the plunder of the Libyan economy and resources can continue.  The fact that UNSC Resolution 2009 could pass without a veto by either Russia or China is surprising. Not a single word about the abuse of UNSC resolution 1973, which was heavily criticized by Russia and China. While it is strongly condemning all violations of applicable human rights and humanitarian law, including arbitrary detention and killing of especially “African migrant workers”, it does not contain a single word about the systematic genocide on black Africans in Libya. While it is expressing gratitude to the United Nations Special Envoy to Libya, Mr. Abdel-Elah Mohamed Al-Khatib, and his work towards finding a peaceful solution, there is no mention of an stop of NATO´s bombing campaign, no mention of NATO´s Special Forces, no mention of hordes of imported mercenaries that terrorize the country, no mention of NATO targeting legitimate Libyan political and military leaders for assassination, and no mention of the one and only initiative that could end the conflict, namely, a withdrawal of all foreign troops, and the establishment of a national reconciliation process that included those who have the loyalty of the majority of Libyans.

Rather than arguing for an initiative that is inclusive of the legitimate Libyan government, the resolution is welcoming the efforts of the African Union, the Arab League, the European Union and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. The fact that the African Union has the function of colonial administration for the European Union, the fact that France is managing eight African nations economy, the fact that the European Union is using the African Union to implement the Mediterranean Alliance to which Libya has been an obstacle can not have escaped either Chinese or Russian politicians.

So why is there no response, no veto from Russia and China.  UNSC Resolution 2009 is recalling the Security Counsels determination, that assets frozen pursuant to resolutions 1970 and 1973 shall as soon as possible be made available to and for the benefit of the people of Libya and for making these assets available in a transparent and responsible manner, in conformity with the needs and wishes of the Libyan people. While referring to the very Charter of the U.N., according to which the NATO led war on Libya should be condemned in the strongest possible terms and prosecuted, the Security Counsel states, that it is mindful of it´s primary purpose, to maintain peace and stability. It takes note of the situation in Libya and welcomes the improved situation.

What “improvement” is the Security Counsel referring to? Is it the fact that the country has been swamped with terrorists and mercenaries imported by NATO, Qatar, and colleagues, or the fact that tens of thousands have been killed, or the fact that Sirte is but one humanitarian disaster, or the fact that Libyan assets are plundered.  The UNSC is looking forward to the establishment of an inclusive, representative transitional government of Libya. It emphasizes the need for the transitional period to be underpinned by the commitment to democracy, good governance, rule of law and respect for human rights. Where is a Russian or Chinese veto, until there is a resolution in which an inclusive government specifically mentions the inclusion of those Libyans that represent the vast majority of the countries population. But rather than that, the U.N. would refer legitimate government and military functionaries to the ICC for prosecution. When Resolution 2009 is emphasizing the inclusion of women in the political processes of Libya, it is to be understood within the context of the United Nations decades of failure to address the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia.

The UNSC welcomes the Transitional National Counsel´s call for unity, reconciliation and justice. Where is a Russian or Chinese call at the Security Counsel for “unity” that is build on pluralism, including those who actually represent the people of Libya. Where is a call for “reconciliation” to begin with the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Libya, including imported mercenaries and special forces, and an immediate end to the shelling and terror bombing of Sirte and other cities, as a starting point for reconciliation. Where are Russian and Chinese calls for investigations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, the crime of genocide, committed under NATO command responsibility.Where is a call for the investigation of war crimes, crimes against humanity, the war of genocide under the command of professional terrorist, commander of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group a.k.a. Tripoli Military Counsel.

Where is a call for an investigation of how it can be, that the president of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, is deploying CIA personnel to Bengazi and Derna to plan the war on Libya with known terrorists, who are known for having killed U.S. troops in Iraq.  16 October 2011, the United Nations Security Counsel decided, without a veto by neither Russia nor China, that the assets of the Libyan National Oil Corporation and Zueitina Oil Company, the Central bank of Libya, the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank, the Libyan Investment Authority and the Libyan African Investment Portfolio no longer shall be frozen, while those nations that previously had frozen these assets should guaranty, that those funds are used appropriately. The fact that 90% of the members of the TNC have been replaced during the recent weeks, the fact that Mahmud Jibril may resign today, the constant infighting between militia loyal to the one or the other political or criminal fraction within the TNC are much more comfortably understood when taking into account the high likelihood for, that British, French, US, German, Italian and other NATO countries foreign Intelligence Services are trying to manuver people that are willing to sale as much of Libya as possible to their respective allies into central positions of power. That is “why” Hillary appeared in Tripoli. A photo opportunity at a Libyan Hospital could as easily have been faked in Qatar as the Green Square images at the onset of the invasion of Tripoli. The USA had to make sure that it was not going to be sidelined by it´s European partners in crime.

When Mahmud Jibril siadwe have moved into a political struggle without boundaries” and “the political struggle requires finances, organization, arms and ideologies, I am afraid I don´t have any of this” he didn´t just implicitly admit that he is merely an operative of foreign powers who does not have any political ideology. First and foremost, Jibril´s statement is a clear indication for the fact that the political infighting in the TNC is representative of NATO nations infighting over who is going to pick which pieces of assets out of the Libyan carcass. If it is left to NATO leaders t decide when to stop the war in Libya, their most honest reply would probably be “when we have picked the flesh of the bones, and have bombed Libya back to a state where it remains compliant and dependent, we stop bombing“.

Christof Lehmann


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