Libya The Night That Killed The Lies

Most of Tripoli is Liberated, Sirte is holding on, Bani Walid, Sabah, Zliten, and countless other cities are free. As morning came to Libya the results of the onset of a new stage of the Libyan Liberation become undeniable. While Libyans mourn the death of those fallen in the fight for liberation, the TNC and NATO mourn massive losses of territory, troops, and trust. NATO and the TNC lost over 1.000 fighters, and over 1.500 are wounded. Their greatest casualty how ever, are the Lies about Libya, which were put to rest by the new phase of Libya´s Liberation. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

One day ago, not long after midnight it became clear. The legitimate Libyan Government had called upon the people of Libya to come out in numbers on the 14th of October and to protest the bombing and occupation of Libya by NATO and it´s TNC Proxy mercenaries and Proxy Government. It also became clear that the calls for leaving areas under TNC control to avoid civilian casualties was legitimate, and a warning of what was waiting. Then, all buildings housing offices of the TNC were declared legitimate targets, that could be destroyed or burned.

In the early morning hours of 14 October, parts of Sirte were under TNC Control, some 25 % of Sabah, 25 % of Bani Walid, 25 % of Bengazi, and Tripoli in spite of ardent resistance still much under TNC control. This picture would change dramatically over the next 24 hours.

At 02.30 the people of Zuwara rose up against the TNC fighters, burned the local TNC office, and forced the occupiers to flee the town, taking heavy casualties.Also in many other cities, the demonstrations started off during the early morning hours, as if people could not take the oppression, massacres and atrocities for one moment longer. Libya was at the brink of exploding from anger and frustration.

In Tripoli, demonstrations began around 08.00 o clock morning, but began to really manifest, when a large contingent of militia from the Wirsh Fana Tribe entered Tripoli at about 15.00 o´clock. The troops were met with massive jubilation, and when it became known that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim was waiting in one of Tripoli´s suburbs, it was as if the citizens of Tripoli understood the message, “This is it, today we take our city and our country back”.

The arrival of the Wirsh Fana Tribal Militia in Tripoli prompted several hast retreats by TNC fighters, in among other Bani Walid, Sirte, and Sabah, and in all cases the hasty, often chaotic retreats were the cause of heavy casualties. The retreat to reinforce Tripoli was a drive through a shooting gallery, as people all over Libya rose to the occasion.

At 16.00 o´clock there were massive demonstrations and crowds waving green flags throughout Libya. Also in the afternoon, the TNC began attacks on protesters and Libyan Forces in Tripoli. Demonstrations were sprayed with light and heavy machine gun fire from the ground, and from NATO helicopters, to great suffering, but to little avail. The same horrendous crime of shooting into demonstrations was reported from Al Jumaa and many other towns and districts.As if the TNC and NATO had to provide the final evidence for what brand of “Democracy” they are advocating, by “protecting civilian lives in Libya”.

At 18.00 o´clock nsnbc received reports that heavy fighting had broken out in several areas of Tripoli, and that Abu Salim and other districts were firmly in the hands of Libyan Forces. At 18.30 a NATO Apache helicopter was shot down en route to disperse demonstrations.

As the severity of the “crisis” became obvious for NATO and the TNC, more reinforcements were ordered towards Tripoli. 19.30 an additional detachment of TNC fighters left their positions in Zawiya. en route to Tripoli, the detachment fell into an ambush of units from the elite 32nd Brigade led by Khamis Ghadafi. The entire convoy was destroyed, and there were numerous casualties and prisoners. By now, there was heavy fighting in Abu Salim, Alhadbah, Bab Ben Ghasir, Salehaddeen, Al Nasser, and Al Bahi districts of Tripoli.

At 21.00 yesterday evening, a security estimate of the situation in Libya stated: 50 – 60 % of Tripoli Liberated. 80 % of Bengazi are free, and the TNC head Quarter in Bengazi was stormed by Libyan Forces. Over 90 % of TNC – Members had resigned, fleeing Tripoli.

Close to 22.00 o´clock the Tripoli Military Counsel deployed a large number of armored vehicles to protect the most critical areas and facilities still under TNC control, while the areas under Libyan control became increasingly consolidated.

At 21.47 nsnbc received reports that NATO planes had begun a massive bombing campaign against Abu Salim. A caller from the scene said “they are carpet bombing our district”. At 21.55 reports that an additional contingent of tribal militia men from the Wirsh Fana Triba had arrived in Tripoli, entirely changing the military situation. Attacks on heavily fortified TNC and NATO positions began, while special operations units from the Libyan Forces began deploying to capture key Libyan and foreign political and military figures. In a move to counter the new deployments, the TNC deployed snipers on the roofs of Omar Mukhtar Street.

The city of Gheriyan pronounced it was a free city again. Like Gherian, many other cities throughout Northern Libya cast out the occupiers by both armed attacks and impressive demonstrations that clarified it once and for all “Libyans will never except a TNC that is forced on them by NATO”.

22.45 nsnbc received reports that the Rixos Hotel, Military Camp 77, and the Green Square were under attack by Libyan Forces. When Libyan Forces arrived at the Green Square it became obvious that a massive massacre had taken place there. The square was strewn with dead demonstrators that had been killed by TNC fighters. Further reports, not yet confirmed, state that the U.S.-Ambassador to Libya is missing.

The tribes from Zlitan and Gheriya declared they could send reinforcements to Tripoli and Sirte. Early this morning, a NATO, Chinook Helicopter was shot down near Zlitan. Heavy fighting continues throughout Northern Libya as this article is sent on-line.

As the redaction of this article closes, at 13.30 GMT, there is fighting throughout Tripoli. The night before 15 October was a night of heavy casualties for the TNC and NATO. With the utter disregard for human life and human values both TNC and NATO have shown, the greatest casualty that is mourned by them today is most likely “The Death of the Lies about Libya”.

Christof Lehmann


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