NATO´s Crying “Wolf” to Cover over Massacre in Sirte.

Mutassim Al-Ghadafi

Yesterday the TNC claimed the capture of Mutassim Al-Ghadafi who was largely responsible for implementing the successful defense strategy that since has cost the NATO imported TNC fighters, as well as regular NATO troops significant, and largely unrecognized losses. NATO´s PR-Strategists have before claimed the capture of Mutassim Ghadafi, the Libyan Governments Spokesperson Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, or that Muammar Ghadafi is surrounded and will be captured within hours. Mutassim Ghadafi appeared on Radio and once again discredited the lies of NATO and the Transitional NATiOnal Counsel. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

The fact that the “Transitional NATiOnal Counsel” again claimed the capture of a Libyan politician or military commander could theoretically be an honest mistake. Imagine the logistical nightmare of keeping some kind of overview over a so called “New Libyan Army” that is constituting itself from CIA-Imported Afghan Mercenaries, Al Qaeda Factions, including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Units of Muslim Brotherhood Fighters from Turkey and Egypt, Criminal Gangs, backed up by Special Forces from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, to mention but a few. It would by no means be surprising if a group that took part in one of the attacks into Sirte believed that they had surrounded Mutassim Ghadafi, honest mistakes happen; but, without the possibility of being certain, it seems as if the TNC´s and NATO´s crying wolf is propaganda, aiming at discouraging the Libyan People. More over, it is most likely a disinformation campaign to deflect attention from a massacre that was committed in Sirte tonight.

Dr Moussa Ibrahim

The Libyan People, however, have gotten used to “Hollywood Green Square” Style Propaganda, and found out very soon, that Mutassim Ghadafi appeared on Radio, while he supposedly was captured. Also the Spokesperson for the legitimate Libyan Government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim confirmed that the reports of the capture of Mutassim Ghadafi were false. The Transitional NATiOnal Counsel is notorious for lies, and the Libyan People know it. The fact that the TNC and NATO cry wolf every now and then is first of all revealing two factors.

Both NATO and the TNC are desperately in need of showing at least some kind of victory. Be it the occupation of one single city like Sirte or Bani Walid, or be it even the capture of one single person. NATO´s planners and the TNC are aware that victories on Al Jazeera can not win the war against what is increasingly becoming a war of liberation of Northern Africa.

Both NATO and the TNC are under estimating the will of the Libyan People to defend their country, their liberty, freedom, and political system, which is by all standards the one that is the most directly participatory political system yet designed, tested, and found to function for the benefit of the people. To imagine that the Libyan´s will to resist the occupation of their country and the installation of a club of Neo-Colonial Vice Roy´s would cease, because the aggressors have captured one city, or because the invaders have captured Mutassim Ghadafi, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, or even Muammar Ghadafi is but a testament for the fact that neither the TNC nor NATO is understanding the enemies they are up against.

The Libyan Military is well trained and well equipped, with a well educated staff of officers who are acutely aware of African and European history. Libyan women would rather fight to their death, than being forced to live under the rule of a Saudi-Like regime, where they are not allowed to leave their home after five o clock afternoon, where they are not allowed to drive a car, or where they are stoned to death or beheaded for enjoyinga freedom that is supposed to be a fundamental right of every human being; Self determination, to chose whom to marry or not, to chose sexual preferences, to speak out.

Libyan Rebels Killing Black Africans

The Libyan Youth enjoys freedom of expression and freedom of education, with stipends for studying abroad for any one who has shown the qualifications to study courses that are not available inside Libya. How can any one belief they would be willing to surrender their freedom and cease resisting, because one Libyan city, like Sirte or bani Walid have fallen into the hands of robbers. Who would believe that the elderly in Libya, who enjoy the safety of free medical care, free medicine, and a decent life, would want to stop resisting the occupation and embrace “Obama Care”. Who is so naive to belief that the Black People of Libya would cease resisting against the aggressor that has massacred tens of thousands of Black Libyans, because Sirte or bani Walid would fall, or because Mutassim Ghadafi, or Dr. Moussa Ibrahim are captured. Who would belief that the Tribes of Libya, who enjoy a Libya that has succeeded at integrating centuries old tribal structures into a modern political system would ever want to surrender to the aggressor that has a track record of bombing tribal wedding parties in Pakistan, and destroying tribal structures in Yemen, because one city has fallen, or one political or military leader is captured.

If the day should come that NATO and the TNC could back up their TV Victories by proof, and a Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, a Mutassim Ghadafi, a Tribal Leader, or other prominent figure really was captured, it would have but one result. The strengthening of the Libyan Peoples Resolve to rid them selves of the invading colonial army.

Yesterday a tribal warrior from the Werfallah tribe that is defending Sirte, who was forced to surrender, blew himself up among his capturers. The Russian newspaper Argumenti Nedeli, Arguments of the Week, which usually has good ties to Russian Military Intelligence Sources, reports of NATO covering it´s losses. When a CBS report from Libya, in prolongation of the coverage of a meeting of TNC sponsors in Paris reports of a CBS crew together with TNC fighters meeting resistance on the way to Bani Walid, it is warning the beginning of the preparation of what analysts of the Libyan situation have known from day one; that the Libyan Colonial Campaign is bound to develop into a protracted colonial war. When  “The Telegraph” reports that The West and Al Qaeda are fighting on the same side, it is a sure sign that the narrative of flower revolutions and singing tomorrows is crumbling. Even CNN has problems denying the truth when reporting of Pro Ghadafi Demonstrations throughout Libya.

The details of this protracted colonial war today are but reinforcing the urgency of diplomatic initiatives to stop the aggression.

Yesterday ARRAI TV reported that the aggressors at Bani Walid had been defeated, which concurs with telephone reports nsnbc received tonight. Sirte was again subject to an attack, that was initiated with NATO bombing while the city was under a barrage of artillery fire. The initial phase was followed by a land assault of infantry and tanks that managed to penetrate into the city. Also this attack was repelled, causing heavy casualties among the attackers. Besides the many reasons for Libyans to resist the occupation mentioned above, last nights attack demonstrated once again, that the people of Sirte are fighting for their lives.

In a Sirte suburb, that was intermediately held by TNC fighters, nine entire families, including toddlers, children, and elderly men and women were shot in cold blood  as a statement of what awaits “Ghadafi Loyalists“. It is not unlikely, that the false story of Mutassim Ghadafi´s capture was aired in an attempt to cover up the massacre.

The battle of Sirte will undoubtedly become a classic study in military academies world wide, as much as it is bound to be remembered as one of the worst war crimes facilitated by a United Nations Security Counsel Resolution. The battle of Sirte should also be remembered as the final evidence needed to demonstrate that the United Nations urgently needs to be UN DONE. The question that urgently needs to be answered is, will Russian and Chinese leaders continue their political grand standing or will they back up their words with action. Russia and China being the only global players who could stop the aggression, the protests that are now directed against the USA, EU, and NATO, are bound to be increasingly directed against Russia and China, for standing seemingly idly by, while a sovereign nation is raped under their very eyes. International protests against the continued aggression could show most effective, if the protests were directed at Russian and Chinese Embassies, protesting the countries passivity in the light of the Libyan War.

Tomorrow, the People of Libya are encouraged to go into the streets in numbers, protesting their opposition to humanitarian bombs by NATO, their opposition against hordes of Al Qaeda hirelings that plunder and rape their country, their opposition against special forces from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Europe and the USA, their opposition against a new wave of colonization of Africa.

The least the Libyan People can expect from any one who stands against the aggression is to peacefully demonstrate in front of NATO Headquarters, in front of your National or Local Government, in front of Russian and Chinese Embassies, together with the Libyan People, tomorrow.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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