Libya, Green Flags, and The Heart of Darkness.

Libya, Green Flags, and The Heart of Darkness.                  Reflections by Dr. Christof Lehmann

After Muammar Ghadafi recently encouraged the Libyan People to peacefully protest the NATO aggression and occupation, there are demonstrations throughout Libya. Both Russia and China have voiced gravest concerns about NATO´s abuse of resolution 1973 on Libya and The African Union is following suit. Will any of the players that could be decisive put their money where their mouth is.  The truth embargo of Western Media on Libya is slowly undermined by independent media, and the defeat of NATO and the TNC becomes increasingly difficult to mask.  The result so far, a humanitarian disaster and overt NATO aggression on unprecedented scale.     by Dr. Christof Lehmann

After Muammar Ghadafi addressed the Libyan Population and world political leaders on 6 October, there are careful, but widespread demonstrations throughout Libya, calling for an immediate end of NATO´s bombing and ground campaign. With over 2000 civilians killed in Sirte alone, and one military defeat after the other, even Western Corporate media find it increasingly difficult to mask the bitter truth. All that NATO and it´s bitterly divided TNC proxy with their CIA imported “rebels” have achieved so far is the murder and massacre of tens of thousands of Libyans, an unprecedented ongoing humanitarian disaster, and an unprecedented infamy in NATO´s aggression that is bound to have global consequences.

China´s and Russia´s recent veto on a U.N. Resolution on Syria was a long expected response to NATO´s aggression. Both China and Russia voiced that they would not allow any new U.N. Resolutions that could possibly be abused like NATO`s abuse of U.N.-Resolution 1973 on Libya. A nsnbc source in Moscow reported from a meeting at the Russian State Duma on Friday, that all political parties of Russia agree that Russia should vote against a prolongation of a U.N.-Mandate in Afghanistan; further more Russia would “demand” a significant reduction of U.S. and NATO military presence in the former Soviet republics bordering Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. The question is, will this new found courage of the Russian Bear manifest in action that stops NATO´s aggression in Libya before further tens of thousands have lost their lives.

After Russia and China took a stronger position on NATO´s aggression in Libya the African Union followed suit, emphasizing that NATO had abused the African Unions support of Resolution 1973. The “protection of civilian lives” by NATO is daily killing unarmed civilians. If to answer the question if the members of the African Union will put their money where their mouth is, the answer is, “without Libya, many have no money, so they would be best served by backing their recent political grand standing before corporate media up with diplomatic as well as military action“. According to a Libyan diplomat, Libya was one of five African Countries, besides Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa, who together stood for 75 % of the African Union´s Budget. Mali, Congo, Liberia, Niger, Chad, the central African Republic, Mauritania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Gambia all received substantial support that secured these nations development and not least political stability, security and peace. The best advise any independent political advisor would give those nations, and the African Union is, that great challenges require great leadership and courageous decisions. Everything less than unequivocal solidarity in demands for an immediate end to NATO´s aggressions in Northern Africa, and a shift in foreign policy towards China and Russia will invariably project Africa into a second colonization. How would a Joseph Conrad write about Africa today; where is the heart of Darkness today.

Edward Said

While Western Corporate Media, including Al Jazeera, have increasing difficulties in maintaining the positive narrative of singing tomorrows and Arabian Spring Rebels depicted as the worst case scenario of an Applied Orientalism that would be put to shame in an instant had the world not lost Edward Said, their narrative is increasingly rejected by even the most misinformed. As a life long journalist and Middle East Expert Einar Schlerth said in a correspondence with nsnbc this morning, “The Alternative Media are slowly sticking holes into Mainstream Medias Narratives“.

The “TNC, Trust No Colleague”, has today been plagued by one more shootout among it´s top representatives. A planned meeting between representatives of the TNC and the Italian Oil Firm ENI at the Riksos Hotel in Tripoli ended in a shootout between the TNC representatives and their respective bodyguards, after the delegation from ENI failed to manifest. Only a few days ago the oil field installations at Babu Avel that produce oil for Italian ENI were destroyed by Libyan Forces. Yesterday the oil field should have come on line again, but installations were immediately destroyed by Libyan Forces. A nsnbc source close to the TNC could yesterday evening inform nsnbc that representatives of the TNC had been approached by “A” US-Intelligence Service, suggesting a division of Libya into a Northern and a Southern State.

Robert Mugabe

The military situation for NATO and the TNC has not changed significantly. The majority of NATO´s and the TNC´s casualties are those unlucky enough to be in the way for indiscriminate artillery fire and precision bombing. With todays “smart bombs” , what excuse could there possibly be for yesterdays bombing of the major hospital in Sirte. The Libyan Forces in Sirte are holding on. The fact that the city is still allowed to endure the thick of a full scale modern colonial war by NATO; the fact that neither China nor Russia, nor the African Union, nor any of it´s member states have put their money where their mouth is with respect to the daily massacres and the rape of Libya; the fact that the U.N. is utterly discredited and impotent and nothing but the instrument designed to provide apparent legitimacy for the rape of sovereign nations; the fact that leaders like Robert Mugabe are trembling from suppressed outrage when speaking “in the chambers of this most august organization” all are a sign for one fact, and one fact only.

Unless African Nations rapidly change their foreign and security alliances towards China and Russia, and unless African Nations and other nations that are at the receiving end of “Humanitarianism a la U.N.” most urgently initiate diplomatic initiatives to build a true international community, unless the African Leaders will show a long awaited and long over due display of personal and political integrity, courage in leadership and defiance against the continuous colonization of their continent, there will be many a Joseph Conrad needed to point out where the Heart of Darkness is Today. Sunday in Libya.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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