Libya´s TNC, Bullet Proof Democracy and Perpetual War.

On 1 September Libya´s Transitional National Counsel announced “Democracy in 20 Months”. With a TNC in chaos and assassination attempts and infighting having become daily news, the NATO lead aggression is failing on all fronts. TNC has become the acronym for “Trust No Colleague”, but is the infighting and disarray of the TNC the unavoidable result of opportunists nepotism, or is it Pentagon Strategy. NATO and the TNC seem to loose the battle for Libya. Can NATO win the diplomatic war at the U.N. to occupy Northern Africa. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

General Abdel Fatah Younis

When the Transitional National Counsel announced it plans to implement Democracy within 20 months, on 1 September, it was in the context of it´s recognition as Libya´s legitimate government at the United Nations. When nsnbc published the article Abdelhakim Belhadj the Mask Behind the Many Men it was predicted that he was at risk of being assassinated. Since then, the TNC has not only descended into deep chaos, it has also become so riddled by assassinations and attempts, that the Transitional National Counsel, TNC, should be re-named into “Trust No Colleague, TNC“.

Mahmud Jibril

Many analysts erroneously trace the descend of the TNC into Chaos back to the assassination of General Abdel Fatah Younis, by members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, aka Al Qaeda, and most recently aka Tripoli Military Counsel under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj. It is true Belhadj was involved, so was long time CIA asset Khalifa Hifter; but the causal background for the TNC´s collapse is not that simple. One week ago, Belhadj survived an attempt on his life. Two days ago, Mahmud Jibril survived an assassination attempt. Yesterday, news spread that Belhadj was shot, others reported he was in hiding in Tripoli or Qatar. A nsnbc source in Tripoli could confirm neither, but could with confidence report that a bomb was found under Abdelhakim Belhadj´s car, and that he is keeping a very low profile, trusting no one.


Abdelhakim Belhadj Tripoli

Trust No Colleague, TNC. The promised Democracy has descended into a State where political contenders literally have to bullet proof their arguments. The finding of a bomb in Abdelhakim Belhadj´s car yesterday is but one more symptom of a long term Pentagon strategy for dividing and conquering Northern Africa. If one thing is certain, it is that secret Pentagon Budget plans long ago set aside funds to fight the very “terrorists” they are positioning into a contending position for governing the most oil rich nation of Africa. The “real future” planned for Belhadj is most likely that of the villain who is to be blamed for a false flag attack, a bullet, bomb, or a new orange jump suit in one of his sponsors black sites. But until then, he fulfills his role of attracting naive Jihadis and cynical mercenaries to Libya, and to undermine any consolidation of a viable government.

Infighting among TNC Rebels and the few remaining tribal fractions that still support the war on Libya are prevalent everywhere where the Libyan and Allied Forces are not in control. In Bengazi tribal leaders were so appalled by video evidence on 200 murders by Al Qaeda and the murder of Abdel Fatah Younis, that there is vicious in fighting inside Bengazi City, which is surrounded by Libyan Forces.

In spite of Al Jazeera´s attempt to maintain the narrative of a war that is being won by “rebels”, there is no denying of it any more. the TNC, NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Rack Tag Rebels imported from the Hindukush are loosing the Libyan War. Over 90 % of Southern Libya are firmly under Libyan control. The entire Jufrah Region is liberated. Bani Walid, that suffered the most appalling onslaughts including chemical weapons is with exception of small pockets of resistance under Libyan control. Kufra, Braga, Ras Lanuf are free cities. Saba is to over 60 % under Libyan control, Bengazi 80 % with in fighting TNC troops in the city, surrounded by Libyan Forces. While Al Jazeera reports of a new attack on Sirte, nsnbc received reports that some “rebels” have been sneaking into a Southern suburb during the night, with Libyan Military being aware of it. Those rebels are now surrounded and have a choice between surrender or fighting to their death.Tripoli is to 80% under Libyan Forces control. A special operations commando of Libyan Forces in Sirte destroyed several tanks, armored vehicles, a helicopter, and ammunition depot. Sirte is biting back and on the way to liberation.

All of those area, in fact all of Libya is, how ever, under constant attack from the NATO Air Forces that should “protect civilian lives”, and as in the case with Sirte today, under constant, indiscriminate attacks from heavy artillery positions, light artillery positions, and tanks.

The situation as it is could, and is likely to continue. Regardless how many military victories the Libyan Forces, Tribal Militia, and the International Allied Forces are winning, the fact remains that the Pentagon has a long term plan to destabilize the entire Northern African Region in a Neo-Colonial Project that is aimed at co-opting resources and directed at the destabilization of Russia and China. The fact also remains, that the current Pentagon support of Al Qaeda et al. which to a large extend are CIA constructs, would be unlikely without funds already put aside to combat “those terrorists” in the theater of future “war on terror operations“.

The urgent need for international diplomatic and political initiatives to contain the ambitions of empires remains. With the U.N. utterly discredited and dysfunctional, who will show the vision, courage, and initiative to lay the foundation of a new truly international community.

Since Russia and China used their Veto Power at the U.N. against sanctions on Syria, voicing that NATO would not succeed in abusing one more U.N. Resolution to initiate a war on Syria, it seems that Russia and China are sending a clear signal to Washington. “Enough is Enough“. But the fact that the veto was raised at the U.N. does neither give the U.N. more credibility nor justify it´s continued status.

Speaking of the U.N. it is unlikely that it will neither be able or welcome to bring relief to the people of Libya who experience a humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented proportions in modern warfare. With the International Red Cross having been caught Red Handed for assisting in the supply of weapons and ammunitions to the “rebels” that besieged Sirte, with no Doctors Without Borders bringing relief, there is an urgent need also for initiatives for a new approach to organizing international relief.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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Christof Lehmann is the founder and senior editor of nsnbc. Christof Lehmann is a political writer, psychologist, and independent political consultant on a wide range of issues, including conflict and conflict resolution, negotiations, security management, crisis management. His articles are published widely in international print and online media and he is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs. He is a lifelong advocate for human rights, peace and international justice and the prosecution of war crimes - also those committed by privileged nation. In September 2011 Christof Lehmann started the blog nsnbc in response to what he perceived as an embargo on truth about the conflict in Libya and Syria. In 2013, he plans to transform nsnbc into an independent, daily, international online newspaper.
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