France Threatens Iran With Military Action at U.N.

On Tuesday the world came one step closer to an overt global conflict when French Ambassador to the UN Gerard Araud openly threatened Iran with war. Had this statement been made ten years ago political analysts would have seen it as a gimmic to divert attention from internal scandals or for satisfying a need to remind them selves of Napolean times. Today it is a serious threat that brings the world one step closer to global disaster.              by Dr. Christof Lehmann

While Israel is armed with 200 nuclear warheads, while the US is moving missiles to bases in Romania that effectively threaten both Iran and Russia, and while both Turkey, Israel and the United States intelligence services are actively involved in illegal proliferation, as discovered by whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, Iran has a legal nuclear program, for peaceful purposes, in cooperation and under non proliferation agreements and inspections with Russia.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

It is against the backdrop that the United nations has lost any remainder of credibility since it´s per facto sanctioning of yet another crime against peace, countless war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide in Libya, as well as the per facto sanctioning of the ongoing NATO insurgency into Syria as a step in an long planned aggression against Russia and China, that the open threat with military action by  French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud is understood with it´s full implications. “If we don´t succeed today to reach a negotiation with the Iranian, there is a strong risk of military action” said Araud. Had the UN any credibility the speaker at the meeting would have shown Mr. Araud the door and asked France to give an unequivocal excuse for such appalling aggressive behavior in ” the chambers of this most august institution”. That this was not the case is but one more symptom that provides evidence for, that the evaluation by the author of this article, published on nsnbc yesterday in”UN DONE The 66th Session of the General Assembly. Reflections by Dr. Christof Lehmann” namely that the UN has become the instrument to provide an impression of legitimacy to the outrages of the Empire, and that it urgently needs to be UN DONE is correct. The world needs the courageous initiative of Russia and China and no one knows why it has not yet been forthcoming. The world also needs courage from Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brasilia, Zimbabwe, Syria, Island, Greece and any other nation that is under attack by the Anglo American Empire to walk out of the UN.

I remember US President Ronald Reagan speech, where he said: ” how small would all our differences look if there was an alien threat against mankind, and yet, is not an alien threat against mankind already among us“. The alien threat among us, mankind, the threat against mankind comes at this time from within his native country, and from within the very organization that claims to act on it´s behalf.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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