Libya Heavy Fighting and Half-Hearted Calls For Diplomacy.

Khamis Ghadafi - Commander of the elite 32nd Brigade

Last weeks strategic and tactical adaptations of the Libyan Armed Forces as well as increased national and international support for the fight to liberate Libya has forces NATO and TNC forces into the defense on the ground. NATO´s absolute dominance over Libyan Air Space has lost it´s strategic advantages. NATO´s reply; increased terror bombing of civilians. Are the feeble whispers about a diplomatic solution true, and if so, who and what is hiding behind them.                      by Dr. Christof Lehmann

nsnbc is receiving reports of heavy fighting throughout Libya. The strategic and tactical changes have rendered the mighty NATO Air-Power impotent. Is the logic behind the increased terror bombing of civilian targets a sign of sheer frustration, cynical and calculated massacres to bomb Libya´s population into submission, or is it both.

In an interview with the Libyan Jaramiah´s Press office in Venezuela, Khamis Ghadafi who is commanding the elite Libyan 32nd Brigade explained. The Army´s Elite 32nd Brigade with 3.000 troops has adopted a new tactic in fighting the war waged on Libya to protect and preserve it´s independence and the revolutionary developments in the Arab African Country. To avoid strikes by NATO Air Forces the Army is detached in Platoon size units of 20-30 fighters who neutralize supply lines, logistics, as well as operational bases. The strategy has been applied in the areas of Al Brega, Ras Lanuf,  Zawiya and other regions. The 32nd Brigade and it´s units are the backbone around which the other Military Units, Tribal Militia, Volunteers and International Allies coalesce. The result is a permanent harassment of the invaders. Khamis Ghadafi commands the 32nd Brigade.

Through an nsnbc contact in Russia, nsnbc was informed that Mutasim al-Ghadafi yesterday informed members of the free press, saying: ” We are now fighting on two fronts. One is the front to protect our besieged cities, whom I send my best wishes and love. Bani Walid, Sirte, Sheba. The other front is southern Libya, where we have discovered the weaknesses of NATO and it´s allies. There are colossal areas in which they have not been able to conduct operations. This front began in Ghadames and Gat, turning these small towns into bastions“. Mutasim al-Ghadafi addressed the Libyan people saying: “I send my greetings to all you honest people of Libya and those who are with us in all countries. Let us tell them that we know how to defeat our enemy. Libya is our country and I thank the tribes of the South who rose up against the traitors”.

nsnbc is receiving reports from a member of the Libyan Youth Movement who is inside Libya, that the Libyan Youth Movements have entered the fight to defend Libya against the NATO aggression and it´s representatives in the Transitional National Counsel. Last week the movement challenged the NTC to give an excuse for insults and oppression. In best Israeli style, no such excuse or willingness to dialog was forthcoming from the NTC. Today the leadership of the Youth Movement has sent an appeal to all of it´s members saying: ” Where ever you are. If you are a group of three or more, take up arms and fight where you are, where you live, where you work“.

The people of Sirte have taken the initiative and attacked a NATO Destroyer off the coast of Sirte. There are reports of intense smoke coming from the vessel. The initiative to attack the vessel was taken after NATO Special Operations Forces had made an amphibian and airborne landing in Sirte harbor. nsnbc has at the present time no detailed reports about the development, but it is anticipated that the attack on the NATO vessel was a defensive measure to prevent an anticipated amphibian attack on the city after all attempts to reach the city by land had been repelled. We will be keeping you up to date as we hear of new developments.

The Vietnam Option ?

While NATO has lost the political initiative, and the National Transitional Counsel increasingly looks like a very “Transitional National Counsel” without support of the Libyan People; while there are whispers of a large number of badly disappointed defectors who silently want to make peace with the legitimate Libyan Government; while the developments on the ground show that NATO and it´s rack tag rebels from the Hindukush and Saudi Arabia have lost the military initiative, and while NATO after over 20.000 sorties over Libya still increases it´s “terror bombardment” of civilians with cluster bombs, white phosphor bombs, and ammunitions with depleted uranium; it looks like Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron et al. are silently preparing their variant of a “Vietnam Option“. Abandon the country and the puppet regime to their own fate.In the light of this development the feeble whispers of reconciliation from within the ranks of the “Transitional National Counsel” become easy to understand.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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