Green Flag Hoisted Over Derna NTC Rebels in Disorderly Retreat

Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Ban Ki Moon

Not long ago the Green Flag was hoisted over Bengazi and Cyrenaica. Yesterday nsnbc could report of international military support. Today the Green Flag was hoisted over the Al Qaeda Metropolis Derna. When comes the time that NATO recognizes it´s “Vietnam” and allows the Libyan people to find a political solution to end the bloodshed and humanitarian disaster.      by Dr. Christof Lehmann

22 September, the same day Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that NATO would prolong it´s campaign in Libya, the Green Flag was hoisted over Bengazi, Cyrenaica and other Cities. Rasmussen spoke about victories, and “remaining pockets of resistance” while NATO controlled no more than 15 % of the country, and less than 5 % of it´s population. Against the backdrop of the United Nations meetings on Palestine and handshakes with UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, the words of humanitarianism had about as much credibility as that of the United Nations itself. Yesterday the NTC / NATO rebels were forced to withdraw 30 kilometers from the besieged Sirte, taking heavy casualties.

NATO´s response to his defeat on the ground in Sirte was the terror bombing of it´s civilian population, causing hundreds of death, and more than 1.800 wounded, most of them women and children, elderly men. Sirte hospital was bombed too, which is a crime subject to the Nuremberg Principles.

Yesterday the long awaited support from the fiercely independent Tuareg and Nomad Tribes from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Chad, and Niger, as well as the military support of the Arab Socialist Baath Party under the leadership of the ousted Prime Minister of Iraq, Izzat Ibrahim al Douri manifested on the battlefields.

Today nsnbc receives confirmed reports that the Al Qaeda World Metropolis Derna has been taken by the Libyan and Allied Forces, and that the Green Flag flies over Derna. nsnbc has received so far unconfirmed reports of 8 dead and approximately 50 wounded loyalist fighters, while there are reports of 80 lethal casualties among the NATO backed TNC Fighters. Reportedly there has been heavy fighting, until NATO / TNC forces began a rapid and disorderly withdrawal.

According to a West Point Study, Derna and Bengazi are the two cities in the world that have provided the largest per capita amount of Al Qaeda fighters to Iraq. The greatest Net Number of Al Qaeda fighters came from Saudi Arabia. It is not unlikely that the military experience of General Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who has years of experience in fighting the CIA and Saudi funded Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq, before his Government was ousted by a U.S. and NATO lead “Coalition of the Willing“.

The question now is, will Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces Barak Hussein Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Colleagues realize that they have created their very own Vietnam, and will the world allow another Vietnam in Libya. If statesmen and citizens in the world alike place their confidence in a United Nations that has lost all credibility, the answer is probably yes. With an ongoing NATO insurgency into Syria; with the potential global financial, economical, diplomatic and military consequences any further expansion of the Anglo-American Empire Ambitions implies, the world is in dire need of courages statesmen and citizens alike, to take urgently needed initiatives for building a true international community. If not – Good Night Saigon.

Dr. Christof Lehmann



We Are Legion

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