International Military Support for Libya results in TNC withdrawals.

Even Al Jazeera could not deny it any longer. The NATO/TNC forces are on the retreat after the Libyan Military, Tribal and Volunteer Forces implemented strategic and tactical changes, and long awaited support from tribal militia and forces inside and outside Libya is beginning to manifest. The total NATO air superiority however and NATO´s terror bombing of Libya´s civilian population continues and will until a long overdue international intervention manifests. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

The Libyan Defense Forces recent implementation of strategic and tactical changes, which among other resulted in the Green Flag being hoisted over parts of Bengazi, Cyrenaica, and even Tripoli, and the recent substantial entering of a substantial amount of Tuarq Tribal Warriers continues to yield positive results. While Al Jazeera reports of tactical withdrawals of the NATO / TNC forces from Sirte, nsnbc received confirmed reports that the “rebels” had been forces back 30 kilometers while taking heavy casualties. The heaviest fighting was along the northbound road out of Sirte and the airport, which is again under Libyan Forces control. The NATO / NTC forces campaign has grind to a hold and and retreats at bani Walid, Cyrenaica and basically all over southern, and northwestern Libya, wile cities like Bengazi and even Tripoli have areas that are under Libyan Forces control again.

The disorder and corruption of the “rack tag rebels” is surprising, taking into account that France, the USA, the UK, Qatar and other nations have large numbers of Special Operations Forces deployed among them. Today nsnbc received a confirmed report, that the “rebels” cut off the electricity to an area in Bengazi that is under Libyan Forces Control trying to initiate negotiations and demanding vast amounts of cash before the electricity would be turned on again.

Former Iraq P.M. Izzat Ibragim al Douri

The recent development on the ground is most likely to improve even more, after long awaited international military aid is beginning to manifest. nsnbc received confirmed reports that tribal and nomad warriors from Egypt, Niger, Chad, Algeria and Tunisia have joined the war on the side of the Libyan people. The Arab Socialist Baath Party under leadership of former Iraq´i Prime Minister Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri has confirmed that is is entering the Libyan war on the premesis that it is a national war of liberation from Imperialism. Many of the Baath Parties Soldiers have years of experience of fighting both Al Qaeda Insurgents and U.S Military forces. The former P.M. of Iraq, who is wanted by the United States, is a traditional ally of Libya, as well as of Syria and Russia and it is represented in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine and other Arab Countries.

While the military situation is improving, NATO continues it´s terror bombing of civilian targets with impunity. After yesterdays terror bombing of Sirte an estimated 200 civilians died, and an estimated 1.800 were wounded. NATO has increased it´s use of cluster bombs and other cluster ammunitions against civilian population centers. While NATO and the TNC are transporting many of their casualties to hospitals in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, the Hospitals in the besieged cites are in a desolate situation. In a recent telephone conversation with a Medical Doctor in Sirte the Doctor informed that they have “literally” no more medications of any kind, operations are performed without anesthetics, and patients die from lack of basic medication and simple infections.

Dr. Tun Mahatir Muhammad - Criminalize War

With a United Nations that has lost all of it´s remaining credibility, the only viable option to stop the war on Libya would be a massive walk out of nations from the United Nations, and the establishment of a truly democratic, truly humanitarian international community of nations, which rigorously criminalizes war as what it is. The murder of human beings on a massive scale. The author of this article and editor of nsnbc asks together with former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Tun Mahatir Muhammad: ” Can we continue to reserve the severest of punishments to those who take another persons life, but legitimize the instigation …………………………………………………….. of murder in the hundreds and in the thousands“.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

25.09.2011 – 23.05



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  1. NATO has no basis for complain. The Libyan people have every right to call for international support, and to embark on a War of Liberation. It’s tragic, but it’s completely legitimate. NATO has invaded a peaceful, prosperous and stable country, in attempt to thieve its resources. The people of Libya have every right to protest and block them.

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