Libya Strategy Changes Yield Results Amidst Disaster

Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

According to intelligence and facts on the ground a change in strategy of Libyan Defense Forces and increased tribal support yields positive results. The Green Flag is hoisted in parts of Bengazi, Cyrenaica, and other cities. After yesterdays extension of it´s campaign in Libya, NATO strikes continue with massive civilian losses. Spokesperson for the ousted Libyan Government Dr. Moussa Ibrahim spoke on telephone to Reuters, eliciting U.N. Disregard for it´s own Charter, crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Yesterday the Green Flag was hoisted over parts of Bengazi, Tripoli, Cyrenaica, and other cities formerly under NATO and TNC control. Today nsnbc could confirm yesterdays reports that 20.000 Tuareq fighters have entered the war against the NATO occupation and the foreign controlled TNC. Both the additional manpower of 20.000 fighters, as well as a change of strategy, including urban guerrilla tactics have resulted in significant defeats of NATO Special Operations Units, TNC lead Soldiers under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj, and the thousands of imported fighters from Afghanistan. After the capturing of 17 NATO Special Operations Troops, NATO and the TNC had to register 45 casualties, and 400 fighters were captured.

Abdelhakim Belhadj aka Hasidi

The change in strategy has the popular support of the frightened citizens inside the cities under TNC control. The general sentiment is, that the “revolution” is a scam, that people are frightened, but also tired of the abuse, plundering, rapes and pillages committed by foreign Al Qaeda fighters. No change of name from Libyan Islamic Fighting Group to Tripoli Military Counsel can change the fact, that Belhadj is Beljadj, and CIA Terrorists are CIA Terrorists. As it is normal in criminal environments aliases are widely used. Abdelhakim Belhadj is also known as Hasidi, former Guantanamo Inmate, who bragged about personally having murdered US Soldiers. A detailed analysis of the Who´s Who and working for Whom is on the way at nsnbc.

The facts on the ground are that NATO and the TNC control no more than 15 % of Libya, and no more than 5 % endorse the TNC and the NATO aggression. With this being the result of a months long military campaign, the military analysis is, that the US and NATO Unconventional Warfare Strategy has failed as bitterly in Libya as it has failed in Afghanistan. The results in both cases are small oasis under control and the surrounding majority of the country being bombed into submission. A strategy that reflects the desperation of the aggressor, and a desperation, which most commonly, as in Libya, leads to the most appalling war crimes.

Tonight the Spokesperson for the lawful Libyan Government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim informed Reuters, that the air strikes on Sirte on Wednesday and Thursday had resulted in 150 civilians being murdered. NATO denies targeting civilians, claiming, that the building in Sirte was used a military command node. What NATO is covering up is, that it is 95% of the Libyan population that is opposed to the occupation. Does NATO´s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen want to claim that 95% of Libyans are lawful combatants, and thus legal targets one might ask. Tonight at 03.00 GMT nsnbc could confirm reports that civilians were sprayed with machine-gun fire and rockets from Apache helicopters, after the town of Rishvana Zahra was liberated. Yesterday, the bombing of a school in Sabah, that housed 70 displaced familied was bombed by a NATO Fighter Bomber, resulting in massive civilian casualties, most of them unarmed women and children.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim - Spokesperson of the legal Libyan Government

In his telephone call to Reuters, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim called upon the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League, and foreign journalists to come to the center of Sirte to witness the crimes committed there. He said: “We hold them directly responsible to expose the crimes against the entire city that are committed with the same vigor they (NATO) had when they claimed they were helping the cities of Misrata and Zawayah “

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim sharply criticized the United Nations for raising the” New Libyan Flag” at the United Nations on Tuesday. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim elicited the fact that a NATO backed gang of criminals can be recognized as a full member of the United Nations, while Palestine has struggled for it´s rights for 60 years.

Criminalize War - Dr. Tun Mahatim Muhammad

In the final analysis of NATO and Libya, the United Nations is the International NGO, that is used by NATO, to provide legitimacy to the subversion, the crimes against peace, the war crimes and the crimes against humanity, that are the antithesis of it´s own charter. In the eyes of the author, and I belief in the eyes of the vast majority of people, who have the ability to inform themselves, the United Nations has utterly lost any remainders of it´s credibility.The question is, what comes next ? How to establish a truly just, fair, equality based international community that could guaranty, that abuses such as in Libya as well as the NATO covert war in Syria will cease to exist as viable options for the custodians of empires, that can murder with impunity. The initiatives of former Malaysian P.M. Dr. Tun Mahatir Mohamad, for a worldwide movement to criminalize war could be a viable way to go, provided it would be backed by major players like Russia, China, Brasil, The Arab League, ASEAN.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




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