Saudi Arabia Sued by Lloyd´s for Financing 9/11

A syndicate of one of the worlds leading insurance companies, Lloyd´s has sued The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the indirect funding of Al Qaeda. The Lloyd´s 3500 Syndicate demands the payment of £136 million that it has paid for victims of the attacks on 11 September 2001. by Dr. Christof Lehmann 

The Lloyd´s 3500 Syndicate with base in Brighton, U.K., has paid individual and corporate 9/11 victims 215 million USD in insurance coverage. The Lloyd´s Syndicate claims that Saudi Arabia has “primary responsibility” for the events that chocked the world on 11 September 2001, and which was the starting point for wars and conflicts that since have cost millions of lives. According to Lloyd´s, Saudi Arabia channeled massive ammounts of money to Al Qaeda via among other banks and charities that were “alter egos” for the Saudi Government.

Flight 93 "crash" Site ?

The case was filed in Western Pensylvania, not far from where United Airlines flight 93 allegedly crashed. Allegedly, because independent research subsequent to 9/11 has provided ample evidence for that flight 93 was shot down by the US-Airforce. The 156-page document filed in Pensylvania suggests that nine named defendants knowingly provided ressources for the perpetration of the attacks, including the funding of the CIA Proxy Al Qaeda, which is currently delivering the core of the ongoing war on Libya. The legal claim states that:

Absent the sponsorship of Al Qaeda´s material sponsors and supporters, including the defendants named therin, Al Qaeda would not have possessed the capacity to conceive, plan and execute the 11 September attacks. The success of Al Qaeda´s agenda, including the 11 September attacks themselves, has been made possible by the lavish sponsorship Al Qaeda has received from material sponsors and supporters over more than a decade leading up to 11 September 2001.”

Saudi Interior Minister Financing Al Qaeda

The legal claim is heavily backed up by US diplomatic cables that were released by WikiLeaks, which detail US authorities investigations into Al Qaeda, attempts to establish funding channels between Saudi charities, and Al Qaeda itself, implicating the government of Saudi Arabia in funding of those charities. Among other, the case singles out the following: The Saudi Relief Committee for Kosovo and Chechnya (SJRC), which according to U.N. sources has been used as a cover by Al Qaeda operatives. It is alleged that the SJRC at the time in question was under the leadership of two directors and under the control of Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, half brother of King Abdullah and long tanding Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia. The Lloyd´s 3500 Syndicate claims that:

“between 1998 and 2000, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the SJRC, diverted more than 74 million USD to Al Qaeda members and loyalists affiliated with SJRC bureaus. Throughout this time, the Committee was under the supervision and control of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz.

You Can´t Find What You´re Not Looking For

The new development indirectly implicates intelligence and military services in the USA, CIA, DIA, as well as the German BND, who played active parts in financing and arming Chechnyan Separatists and the UCK / KLA in Albania and Kosovo, while the official 9/11 Report does not find any evidence that Saudi officials individually funded Al Qaeda. A claim that most probably is correct, since it is difficult to find anything nobody is looking for. Former CIA Asset and live long peace activist Susan Lindauer explained in her book Extreme Prejudice that fractions within the CIA had detailed foreknowledge about 9/11, but that the CIA and US-Government failed to respond on the intelligence.

Mahmoud Ahmed

The recent development also coincides with the well known fact that former chief of Pakistan´s Inter Services Intelligence Agency, ISI, Mahmoud Ahmed has sent a check of 100.000 USD to the alleged lead hijacker Muhammed Atta on October 7.  The funds have come through Saudi Arabia. Pakistans ISI is well known for it´s close ties to the CIA as well as Al Qaeda. Mahmoud Ahmed held a dinner with officials of the Bush Administration in Washington, on the morning of 11 September. However, the 9/11 commission found that the attacks on 11 September were so insignificantly cheap, that is was not worth to follow the financing of the Operation. The Lloyds´3500 Syndicate is finally doing what lawenforcement agencies in the United States should have begun 10 years ago. To Follow The Money.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




NATO OTAN ATTA - by Christof Lehmann

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