Zionist Unit ‘Mlat’ Declares Dreadful Failure in Psychological War against Syria

Zionist Unit ‘Mlat’ Declares Dreadful Failure in Psychological War against Syria


An “Israeli” newspaper in the University of Haifa admitted that “Israel” has largely failed in launching a psychological war on the Syrian people in general and President Bashar al-Assad in particular. The “Israeli” attempt has been doomed to fail despite the fact that tens of psychologists have been hired for this purpose and tens of articles of “destructive power equaling ten tons of uranium-loaded explosives” have been written as part of the war.

Upon the statement of the authors of the Haifa University article, ‘Natalie Harael’ and Neir Hassoun Schtern, who are specialized in military operations, the Center for Strategic Data and Studies in Damascus reported, “The “Israeli” Military is participating in the war against Syria.” The center added that “Israel” is participating in a psychological and media war against Syria, which is led by the Psychological- War Unit called ‘Mlat’; whereby the main target of this war is the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

147 Zionist Psychologists to Realize Zion’s Old Dream

Also, the newspaper mentioned that the aforementioned Unit is preparing virtual future reports of celebrating the weakening and overthrowing of Syria and, thus, realizing an old Zionist dream…getting rid of the Syrian regime. As well, this Unit is participating in all warring works of the Military, particularly those of the Staff against Syria.

Furthermore, the center noted that the Zionist Unit has been capable of providing 70 specialized psychologists who master Arabic and are led by an intelligence officer; these psychologists’ only concern is to cause more turmoil in Syria after the incidents that took place in Tunisia and Egypt, in addition to the coup they received as Mubarak’s regime was overthrown. As the protests in Syria began, this number increased to 147 psychologists, including the head of “the Aman Network”, Amos Melka.

Articles with ‘Destructive Powers Equaling Ten Tons of Uranium-loaded Explosives’

Amos and his team make sure they direct their fellow media throughout the world, as well as making use of all possible means to send private messages, which may directly affect President al-Assad’s decisions, the experts of ‘Mlat’ expect.

For instance, a journalist and a friend of “Israel” at the same time published an article earlier in the French “Le Monde” Newspaper; still, under the supervision of Amos Melka, the article was carefully published in ‘Mlat’. The virtual author of this article speaks about the very close persons to Bashar al-Assad, raising questions on who rules Syria.

In fact, targeting these persons through this question-arousal style of the article aims at striking them and pushing President al-Assad to forsake them so as to prove to the public opinion the opposite of what the article says. Among the persons, the article of “Le Monde” mentions, are some political and military Syrian leaders. “This article,” ‘Yanif’ says, “owns a destruction ability “equaling ten tons of explosives loaded with reduced uranium.”

Priority Is to Strike Morales of Political, Military, and Security Syrian Commands

In accordance with what the newspaper of “the University of Haifa” reported, the Syrian Center confirmed that the job of ‘Mlat’ Unit included sending SMSs (Short Messaging Services) to the Syrian citizens; gathering supporters of the Social Network Facebook; fabricating rumors and propagating them through the Syrian or Arab media or through individuals; propagating the propaganda directed to the Syrian people through fellow Arab channels; publishing articles and news reports especially written to strike the morales of the political, military, and security Syrian commands; and most importantly, tracking the news, declarations, and movements of President Bashar al-Assad and his closest people, which is carried out by the section “Amos Melka” heads.

Actually, the aim of this section is to affect decisions through local, Arab, and international media means and through benefiting from diplomatic friends in Damascus, who own the ability to communicate directly with persons whose opinions reach the Syrian President; e.g.: major journalists, chief editors, or even the officials of the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

Dreadful Zionist Failure upon Immunity of President al-Assad, His People

The newspaper of Haifa ends reading, “But the disaster that struck ‘Mlat’s’ work has been represented by its dreadful failure. ‘Amos’ and his team are depressed since this war has neither affected President Bashar nor the Syrian people because they’re immune against all kinds of psychological and media influences.”


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