NATO Soldiers Captured in Libya, War Crimes and the Spoils of War.

Libyan Governments Spokesperson Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

Libyan Government Spokesperson Dr. Moussa Ibrahim confimed that 19 NATO Soldiers were captured by Libyan Forces. Meanwhile, NATO continues it´s bombing of military as well as civilian targets. nsnbc receives eyewitness reports of widespread murder of civilians by TNC forces.                                         by Dr. Christof Lehmann

In a speech aired on the official channel of the Libyan Government, ARRAY, government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim informed, that the Libyan Military has captured 19 NATO Soldiers. The PoW`s are respectively from the United Kingdom, 15, France, 2, and the remaining are from Asian Countries. Their nationality was not yet disclosed. According to intelligence, NATO has had Special Operations Units on the ground in Libya, already when the so called “Arab Spring” began in Tunesia. A nsnbc source with close ties to the Libyan Military reassures nsnbc that the PoW´s will most likely be treated according to international law, and certainly better than the many dark colored Libyans of subsaharan ethnicity, who were and are being murdered en mass by the rag tack jihadi´s under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj.

While NATO countries are expected to push for a prolonged and expanded mandate at the UN today, the bombings of military as well as civilian targets continues with a fierceness that demonstrates NATO lead forces problems on the ground.Dr. Moussa Ibrahim sounded confident when saying that the sand was fighting on their side, and that TNC / NATO forces are taking heavy casualties. The Libyan army is increasingly joined by tribal militia as well as civilians who are taking up arms. According to the eyewitness reports nsnbc is receiving, civilians have all possible reason for taking up arms. Acoording to a report from Badr, TNC forces burned 45 houses of citizens who were under suspicion of not supporting the TNC. We receive countless eyewitness reports of summary executions, plundering and rape.

While the Libyan polpulation is suffering the violence and destruction of NATO and NATO mercenaries, the TNC has agreed that Libyans will pay for the destruction that is unleached on then. Following an official request from the United States, the head of the TNC and confirmed MI6 asset Mahmoud Jibril expressed willingness to cover military, humanitarian and other expenses of the U.S. in Libya, which resulted in killing of thousands of innocent Libyan people, women and children. The expenses will be covered  from funds of the Libyan people that had been frozen by the United States. This means that the NATO incessantly bombed Libyan cities, destroying the country’s infrastructure and carrying out genocide of peoples for the money of the same Libyans.

Mahmoud Jibril - Author of the Unified Arab Training Manual - MI6 Asset

Reportedly, Jibril also signed an agreement that the TNC would cease cooperation with Al Qaeda and other militant Islamic organizations. The policy declaration is part of an ongoing exercise in “ applied social constructionism” with the purpose to re-brand Al-Qaeda and it´s operatives. The Libyan Islamic Fighting group has morphed into the Triploi Military Counsel. And by that flash of “genious”, NATO and the TNC ceased cooperating with Al Qaeda. Al Jazeera aired today an almost ten minutes newscast about convicted terrorist and former U.S. PoW Abdelhakim Belhadj, claiming that he had been fighting “noble fights against occupation” against US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. One may speculate then, if this implies that the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by NATO is evil and illegal ? If so, either the P.R. experts at the Pentagon do belief that the majority of the worlds population is imbicile; alternatively, some of the military leaders at the Pentagon and their “Supreme Commander” have a  certifiably psychotic and delusional relation to reality.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




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