TNC and NATO Celebtate While War Crimes Continue.

Sarkozy - A Man with a Vision

While Sarcozy and other NATO Countries Leaders are on a massive diplomatic mission in Tripoli, to shake hands with the TNC Leadership, in an act of neo-colonial grandstanding, the fighting and war crimes in Bani Walid continue.                                      by Dr. Christof Lehman

In an act of colonial grandstanding, Sarcozy and other leaders held their first major diplomatic meetings with their new colonial Vice Roy´s in Triploli. In the Corporate Western Media, not one word about the fact that NATO is installing a regime in Tripoli, that is likely to tun Libya into a nightmare with respects to human rights and security.

Abdelhakim Belhadj aka Hasidi

Military Commander of Tripoli, Abdelhakim Belhadj, aka Hasidi, is not only a former Guantanamo inmate and former Al Qaeda Commander in Afghanistan. He is also responsible for the massacres on Libyans of sub-saharan decent, beheadings, and countless other war crimes on Libyan peple. Did Jarcozy shake hands with him ? Will France and Great Britain secure that war crimes and crimes against humanity during their Arab Spring Coup will be investigated and the suspects summonned to a Special Prosecutor in The Haag. It is more likely that Sarcozy and his likes will remember the time of the guillotine during the French revolution and do nothing, but political grand standing in their new colony. Who cares about a few beheadings.

While NATO´s politicians shake their hands with the new Vice Roy´s in Tripoli, the siege on Bani Walid and other strongholds of Libyas legitimate regime continue. Two days ago, our nsnbc source in Bani Walid made his last record from the city, speaking of NATO planes bombing with chemical weapons, and so called Rebbels shelling mustard gas grenades into the city. Hospitals are out of medicine, operations performed without anaestetics – on children too. The water level around  Sirte has not only be lowered, but the remeining water that reaches the cities wells is poisoned. Will there be a special prosecuter for Libya at the Haag ? Or is this a privilege that is reserved for anyone foolish enough to oppose NATO´s colonial ambitions.

Libya under Ghadafi has been subjected to sanctions for decades. Supposedly for supporting and sponsoring terrorism, right ? Because a nation of people, who try to shrugg of a decades long illegal occupation, like Palestinians, must be terrorists, right.

It is high time for the social constructionism in world politics to end. A teleological approach to the language of the discourse is warranted and acutely necessary. For any European, who may belief the false narrative of Libya that is sold in the mainstraem media, who believes that the acquisition of NATO´s new colony, the TNC, and what ever follows it, will make his world a safer place to be, think twice.

Would you feel comfortable with having a known and convicted terrorists and mass murderers run a country at the mediterranean, while it is armed with chemical weapons ? Worst of all is the fact, that the resistance of the Libyan people against the new Vice Roy´s and occupiers will be a protracted conflict, and that Ghadafi will be the perfect scapegoat for a false flag terrorist attack with mustard gas in your childrens school, your local subway station.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


one day before the 29th aniversary of the Massacre in Sabra and Shatila.

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