NATO Destabilization of Syria Continues with Beheadings and Armed Attacks.

While the USA is grandstanding, proclaiming the President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad must step down, the NATO backed insurgency continues with beheadings, armed assaults on Military and Police Personnel.                                 by Dr. Christof Lehmann

While both Obama, Cameron and other NATO countries leaders claim that President Bashar Al Assad must step down because he has lost his “legitimacy” the illegal NATO insurgency into Syria, and the Psychological Media Warfare against Syria continue relentlessly. In an article next week we will document how NATO countries have been planning on a war against Syria since 1998.

In telephone interviews with 100 randomly chosen citizens in Syria, conducted by nsnbc associates, yesterday, the general feedback was, that the general situation is calm, but that people are tired of the ongoing stirring up of trouble by armed elements who are stalling the ongoing reform process.

Syrian Security forces, including Police, Military, and Secret Services are attempting to control the insurgency with public education, information, and raids to secure an environment where reforms can take place without destabilizing the country, which is in a de-facto state of war with NATO and Israel.

After the kidnapping of Attorney General of Hama by insurgents, the kidnappings of Baath Socialist Parties officials, armed assaults on police stations and hospitals, the insurgency took yet another cruel twist, when insurgents publicly beheaded a Military Officer. After careful ethical consideration nsnbc chooses to publish a video of the event to counter the Anti-Syrian Media Campaign by Western Corporate Media.

Viewer discretion advised due to unsanatized images:

Yesterday Syrian security forces found a major armes chache. Arms and money for the insurgency are supplied via Turkey and the USA, France, Saudi Arabia and other in an attempt to destabilize the country sufficiently to warrant another U.N. Resolution that would provide thepretext for turning Syria into another Libya.

For more and detailed background information and documentation, please read NATO´s Covert War in Syria,and other articles on Syria in our Middle East Section.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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