Egypts Arabian Summer Turns into Fall-out with Media Censorship.

Egypts Military Council cracks down on Al Jazeera Mubasher while some naive sould still belief in the singing of happy tomorrows and freedom. Mubaraks hated emergency anti terrorism laws are applied when stating that no new licenses will be issued. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Egypts Military Counsil has cracked down on Al-Jazeera´s Mubasher Channel in Egypt, confiscating equipment, and arresting staff. One enginer is still held, facing prosecution. While some naive Egyptian souls still may belief in the singing tomorrows, freedom and democracy, the Military Counsil is making use of the hated emergency or anti terrorism laws many thought they fought and died for to remove.

In the spirit of true the True Democracy of a NATO Stooge, the Military Counsils Pharao´s issue laws by proclamation, stating that no new media licenses will be granted, and that it will close any channel that incites violence.

The Al Jazeera owned Mubasher Channel was the only Egypt based channel that has aired life images from the peoples storm on the Israeli Embassy. Israels embassador Levanon, his staff and family had to be evacuated by riot police. Necessary to remind the reader that Al Jazeera´s corporate headquarters are in London, in practical proximity to MI5 and MI6 ?

While it is well known that Al Jazeera has been co-opted by NATO intelligence and MI6 before it went on air for the very first time, the Mubasher Channel may has most probably been chosen as a target, to implement the oppressive media policy of “the good old days” when people were frightened of their government and nobody dared to report negatively obout the Cesar. A eselfinflicted wound to scare anyone with ambitions to report the truth about the new Cesar. Political pressure from Israel, and Israeli demands for “security cooperation” with it´s neighbours before it could accept the statehood of the Palestinian State that is has occupied for decades may also have contributed to the crackdown on free speech and independent journalism.

The fact that Tayyip Erdogan is by some expected to make a suprise visit in Gaza may also have added to the need to ontrol the media.

nsnbc´s editorial crew can however not understand that most journalists and corporate or state owned news channels report about the “surprising” crack down. It is self explainatory that any channel that is breaking ranks within the intelligence manipulated media world will face pressure. In some countries more subtle than in others. After all, the value of human life is relative. Ever since the Pentagon has made a multi million USD investment in the BBC, would you expect much factual reporting about the US prison Industry, Guantanamo, or 9/11 ? If yes, you will probably feel home among those who still celebrate the Arabian Summer, the singing tomorrows of Democracy and freedom, and Libya´s Abedelhakim Belhadj is an angel. For the people of the Middle East, nothing has changed but to the worse.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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