Syria; Arab League´s Al-Arabi meets Al-Assad in Damaskus.

Secretary General of the 22 Nations Arab League visited Bashar Al-Assad in Damaskus. Al-Arabi voiced support for the Syrian Government, while both Al-Arabi and Al-Assad voiced their support for the Palestinian bat for Statehood at the UN.                                      …by Dr. Christof Lehmann

The strongly anticipated visit of Al-Arabi to Damaskus took place one day after Russian President Medvedjev drew a clear line in the sand, when he stated that Russia will not accept any U.N. Resolution against Syria that would be abused by NATO, as in the case of Resolution 1973 and Libya. The Russian Government also declares that it is willing to buy any eventual surplus of oil from Syria that would enter the market due to US and EU sanctions.

Both the Syrian government and the Arab League have been working towards a comprehensive agreement, including many of the reforms which were originally proposed by peaceful reformists and the Baath Socialist Party of Syria. Though the Syrian Government, lead by Bashar Al-Assad were, and are positive towards comprehensive reforms, negotiations and implementations of reforms were stalled, due to the armed, US backed insurgency, riots, shootings, as well as western medias massive propaganda efforts against the Syrian government. Even though the Arab League and Syria agree on reforms, the question is, will Russia and the Arab League be able to add sufficient political pressure on the US and EU countries, to stop arming and financing the insurgency that so far has prevented reforms.

While Al-Arabi reassured that the Arab League Nations would work against foreign intervention into Syria´s internal affairs at the UN, both Al-Arabi and Al-Assad agreed that the Arab League, including Syria will suppoort the Palestinians request for the recognition of the Palestinian State by the UN security counsil on September 23. Syria has been the Arab Country that has been most consistent in it´s support of Palestinians legitimate demands for statehood as well as an end to Israels illegal occupation of Palestine, parts of Syria, and parts of Lebanon.

Within few days, nsnbc will provide a comprehensive article, documenting, US plans for invading Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somoalia, Sudan and Iraq, dating back as far as at least 2001.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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