Libya update; NATO Bombs Bani Walid while Mercenary Army Prepares for Another Massacre..

NATO bombs Bani Walid while the racktack rebel army of Al Qaeda mercenaries and Afghani hirelings approach the Libyan, loyalist stronghold. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Yesterday nsnbc received reports from Sirte and Bani Walid, that the onslaught of the rack tag rebel army had stalled and withdrawn. As expected, NATO has been bombing Bani Walid in air raids throughout the night, and bombing continues while rebel forces approach, preparing for a ground offensive when NATO has “softened the defences”. Sources from Bani Walid declare that loyalist Libyan troops and volunteers are holding on, but report of many civilian casualties.

A Libyan military expert explains to nsnbc, that loyalist troops, tribes, and volunteer residents are in good fighting spirit, saying ” we are defending our country and have nowhere else to go, while our enemy mainly consists of international Al Qaeda troops, XE contractors, and Afghani hirelings brought to Libya by the CIA.”

The Libyan military expert is also drawing attention to the fact that the loyalist troops are in good fighting spirit, because of two other reasons. Fore one, because the fact that many mercenaries have been withdrawn from Sirte to boos the expected attack on Bani Walid is a clear sign for the fact that the “rebels” don´t have the popular support the western media claims them to have. For the second, the withdrawal of mercenary contingents from Sirte, to Bani Walid underpins the fact that the rack tag NATO rebels are taking heavy casualties, and are limited in numbers.

As Colonel Muammar Ghadafi stated in a speech last week, the Libyan people are patient. They are fighting against a foreign invader, and they will continue fighting, and adapting their strategies, until the invader has left.

Abdellhakim Belhadj, aka Hasidi, aka the Butcher of Afghanistan, ex Guantanamo Inmate

Taking the appalling massacres, beheadings, random executions, plundering and rape that occurred in Tripoli under the military command of Al Qaeda commander Abdelhakim Belhadj, a.k.a. Hasidi as a prcedence, the occupants of Bani Walid, Sirte and other loyalist strongholds have every motivation to defend themselves, their wifes and families against the rebels.

Dr. Christof  Lehmann 11.09.2011

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