Bahrain, Striking Doctors free due to Solidarity – Concerns regarding their Trial remain.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) reports today, that the striking Medical Doctors were released due to outpouring national and international solidarity. Concerns however, remain with respect to their trial and eventual sentencing, due to the outrageous character of the charges, and Bahraini law. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Abdulahadi Alkhawaja

The BCHR informs nsnbc today,that the military court has released the hunger striking Medical Doctors, who were arrested during public upheavals in Bahrain. The Doctors, who were arrested after they voiced their concerns about the massive ammount of casualties and the extreme violence against protesters, are accused for charges like stockpiling ammunitions and medicine, withholding medicine, and other constructed accusations. The released medical staff was on the ninth day of their hungerstrike, which was joined by other inmates. The doctors also protested against inhumane punishment and torture prisoners. Concerns remain, fearing re-arrests, and since the charges are upheld. The date for sentencing is set to September 29.

The release came shortly after Doctors in Ireland, the UK, USA,

Abduljalil al Singace

and France announced that they were to join the imprisoned Doctors with a 24 hour solidarity fast, and after hundrets of Bahraini citizens, including human rights activist and founder of the BCHR, Abdulhadi Alkhawaja and AbdulJalil Al Singace initiated solidarity hunger strikes. The release comes after doctors in Ireland, the UK, USA and France announced they were to join 24 hour solidarity fast for the doctors, and hundreds in Bahrain joined the hunger strike in solidarity with the Doctors including Dr. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja and Dr. AbdulJalil AlSingace.

The appeal of the 21 prominent persons was postponed until September 28. The Doctors lawyers request that the accused should be allowed to address the court about having been subjected to torture was denied by the court. Alkhawaja´s lawyer expressed his concern about the wellbeing of his client and co-accused, who have been on hunger strike for nine days. More than 100 detainees in the “Dry Docks Prison” and the “Jaw Prison” maintain their hunger strikes, and their are grave concerns for their medical conditions.

Like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, a close ally of the USA, has extreme laws, extreme forms of punishment, and an appalling human rights record. The despotism of Bahrain is exemplified by the case of Mohammed Al Haki.

Al Haki. who had lost his job, committed the crime to run into Pearl Sqare while carrying a Bahraini flag, when he was assaulted and heavily beaten by security forces and arrested. After being treated at the hospital for the consequences of the severe beating, Al Haki was arrested and charged for assaulting a police office. Our readers/viers can discern for them selves, who assaulted whom.

Several others attempted the same crime, to carry a Bahraini flag into Pear Square, and suffered the same treatment and charges.

Unlike the NATO provokateured unrests in Libya and Syria, the almost daily unrests in Bahrain have a broad pupular basis, and are aimed at truly oppressive regimes and laws. Non the less, the unrests in Bahrain get little media attention from western media.

It remains to be seen, if the decision to release the accused Doctors was a strategical move by the court to divert international attention. If so, the independent media have an ethical obligation to provide the necessary coverage to function as the fourth column of the Democracy that is factually non existent in most Arab states that are allies to the USA, who is the main franchise holder of PR-Democracy, Torture, Extraordinary Rendition, and the greatest percentage of prisoners per populus.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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