Something Rotten in The State of Denmark.

Denmark, with a population of some 5,5 million, has made unproportionally vast contributions to NATO military adventures. Before the intoduction of the U.N. mandated NATO “No Fly Zone” over Libya, resulting in thousands of civilians and military casualties and the toppeling of the Libyan Government, Denmark has contributed to the Yugoslavian NATO Campaign, Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a couple of classified operations we can only guess about. Denmark will hold elections within this month. A unanimous parliarment voted for the participation in the Libyan Campaign. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Helsingore- Shakespeare - There is something rotten in the State of Denmark

Denmark, a constitutional monarchy, with one of the oldest functioning monarchies, loves to sale it´s image as a peaceful nation of traiders, farmers, commerce, fishermen. What else does the world know about Denmark. H.C. Andersen´s Fairytales, and images of policemen, helping mother duck and ducklings cross the road. The Danish wellfare model, is known worldwide, so are danish breweries, butter, milk and fetah cheese.

The Danish people will take part in parlarmentary elections within this month. According to the Danish daily newspaper “Information”, which is widely

The Little Mermaid - Do Danes Belief in Fairytales ?

perceived as the most progressive of the newspapers with reasonable ammounts of readers, the “Most important newss of today”, are : “We have become a society of whining people”, “Men, woman, and children benefit from chaired Childbirth vacation”, “Mainstream art”, and “From Birth to Bils”. Is is not remarkable, and hardly surprising then, that the mainstream Dane perceives himself and his country as exactly that little, cosy, kingdom of milk and honey, where policemen help ducks cross the road, and where the brave army, which cowarded during the German Nazi invasion, is helping poor Yugoslavs, Afghans, Iraqis, and now Libyans, to acquire the same kingdom og milk and honey with the help of their humanitarian bombs ?

So how is the State of the Kingdom when the fluffy, cosy, pink spectacles are removed ?

The Danish Welfare Model

The Danish welfare model is a skeleton of what it was supposed to be. Not because there is no money, but because it´s spent on liberating other people to death. The remainder is then restricted, because we can´t afford feeding all those people who flee from the countries that are being liberated.

Link: Amesty on Human Rights Abuse in Denmark

Human rights? According to Amnesty International, there is widespread use of torture in Danish prisons. Pre trial prisoners are regularly isolated for weeks, months, in some cases years on end. Since the implementation of the E.U. Anti Terror Laws and the adaption of Danish laws to suit the E.U. dictates, Danes and anyone on Danish territory can be arrested, held indefinitly, on secret charges, secret evidence, with anonymous witnesses. Refugees who come to Denmark are often held for months and years in camps, where many are traumatized by being rendered isolated, absolutely powerless, dependent, and subject to the goodwill of the state. The general attitude being, that now we have liberated their countries to death, can´t they return ?

War crimes? Just forget for a moment, that then prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen conspired with Bush and Blair, knowing that their were no WMD in Iraq to be found. A case against Fogh Rasmussen for war crimes, sued by the NGO, “Grundlovskommitteen”  the Constitutional Committee, constituting itself with some of the most prominent legal experts of the country, was rejected at the supreme court. Why so? Not because it was obvious that Fogh Rasmussen did not committ war crimes. The dismissal from the supreme court was based on the fact, that the comittee and it´s members “did not have personal damages”. So, ones prime minister committing a war crime on behalf of every citizen of the country does not qualify as personal damage. What then could be done ? Oh yes, one could find some of the millions of Irai´s who have suffered from the illegal war, and send them to the prosecuters office of the ICC, right ? That is, if they can find a state sponsor who is a member of the U.N. .

Abdel Hakim Belhadj - The Butcher of Afghanistan and Tripoli

This same Anders Fogh Rasmussen is now Secretary General of NATO, happy to help Libyan´s to attain their freedom, liberty, human rights, equality. Only, one can hardly imagine that his new friend, Al Qaeda Commander, and now military commander of Tripoli, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, the butcher of Afghanistan, and now Tripoli, will help ducklings cross the traffic intersections of Tripoli.

Prime Minister of The Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, was just about to have it, when he openly vented his outrage at a meeting with another prime minister Rasmussen. Get used to it, there are a lot of Rasmussens in Denmark. Who giives NATO the right to attempt the assasination of an elected Statesleader? >This reminds me Putins statement in Munich a couple of years ago, that we had never been as close to a world war three as we were now, or then. But who cares, when the most important news of the day is that we are whining stupids, but stupids who are taking really good care of our little cute babies. Hey, don´t forget to buy those pink, fluffy sunglasses for little Rasmussen, Might be he will be primeminister one day.

Ok, Danes ! It is election time! Please remember that it was a unanimous parliarment that made the descision to take part in the murder of Libyans ? And this includes all members of the parliarment, and all parties, Conservatives, Liberals, Radical Left, Uniity List, Danish Peoples Party, Social Democrats, et al.

Like Father Like Son - Can You Bring Change ?

My recommendation? Throw them out, every single one of them, and call them what they are. War criminals. My particular hopes reach out to the young Danes. We need change, please help bring it about? Unless you want to become podagonists in the joke depicted in the image to the left. Right? Ok, so lets do it! NOW!

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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Christof Lehmann is the founder and senior editor of nsnbc. Christof Lehmann is a political writer, psychologist, and independent political consultant on a wide range of issues, including conflict and conflict resolution, negotiations, security management, crisis management. His articles are published widely in international print and online media and he is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs. He is a lifelong advocate for human rights, peace and international justice and the prosecution of war crimes - also those committed by privileged nation. In September 2011 Christof Lehmann started the blog nsnbc in response to what he perceived as an embargo on truth about the conflict in Libya and Syria. In 2013, he plans to transform nsnbc into an independent, daily, international online newspaper.
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