Syrian Info War – Syrian Attorney General Adnan Muhammad Bakkur Not Defected But Kidnapped By Armed Gang With Helicopter Gunships.

Attorney General of Hama District, Syria,  kidnapped by armed terrorists with white Toyota with machinegun, and helicopter gunships. Al Jazeera, BBC, and other report about his defection and refer to a video made after the fact, where Adnan Muhammad Bakkur, most likely under duress, blames the Syrian Government for massacres on civilians. The media war against Syria is accellerating, as do military campaigns and preparations for a full attack on the country by NATO and “coalition of the willing” forces. nsnbc will break down the propagandacampaign and provide the facts without spin.                  by Dr. Christof Lehmann

nsnbc´s correspondent in Damaskus, as well as other reliable sources within Syria are reporting, that the General Attorney of Hama, who according to Al Jazeera and other NATO coopted newsmedia has defected because he was appalled by his governments massacres on civilians, was kidnapped by an armed gang.

General Attorney of Hama, Adnan Muhammad al Bakkour

According to the testimony of a bodyguard of General Attorney Adnan Muhammad Bakkur, the kidnapping took place when a gang of armed men in a white Toyota pickup, with a heavy machinegun mounted on the car, attacked and stopped the general attorney´s car. Eyewitnesses who followed the kidnappers testify, that the kidnappers had a rondeveau with other militants with helicopter gunships.

Syrian police informed the Syrian as well as international news media about the kidnapping, and provided both evidence and witness testimony. In spite of the evidence for the kidnapping, Al Jazeera et al reported that Mr. Bakkur had defected, because he was appalled by a massacre on 600 civilians that the Syrian security forces supposedly had committed. As evidence for the general attorney, Al Jazeera and other, aired the following video with General Attorney Adnan Muhammad Bakkur. In spite of what Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN and other report, it is evident, that the video was recorded after the kidnapping, and under duress and armed threats.

Adnan Muhammad Bakkur Video

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists armed and trained by nATO in Turkey

Western media aired graphic images of mutilated victims thrown from a bridge. According to Al Jazeera et al, these were peaceful demonstrators, who had been arrested, killed and mutilated by security forces in plain clothes. Our correspondent reports that witnesses report, that these were policemen and civilians, who were murdered by armed gangs. A forensic doctor at the National Hospital at Homs reports of 14 civilians that had been kidnapped, murdered and mutilated by armed gangs. Viewer discretion is advised due to unsanetized images in the following video.Reports about armed gangs and agent provocateurs also arrived from Homs, Latakia, Damaskus, and other population centres in Syria.

Armed terrorist groups in Homs kidnap, Kill and mutilate bodies 

Organized provocation, kidnapping and murder to produce videos for western media. Multiple eyewittnesses report that the production of videos that sale a narrative of massacres and oppression by the Syrian government is well organized. Networs are provided with pen cameras as well as laptops, wireless internet and transmitters. These media warriors for NATO are coordinated with shootings at police from within peaceful protesters crowds to produce a response from security forces. In the following report, Khwandi tells, how he was introduced to NATO´s psyops warriors after prayers at the mosque.

Reuters reports that documents leaked by WikiLeaks document that the US Statedepartment secretly has funded Syrian opposition groups over a longer period. This ties with one of our previous articles, with testimony that NATO is training and arming Muslim Brotherhood gangs in Turkey. According to nsnbc´s own source, a high ranking army officer at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, the USA has been training for a campaign against Syria, Hezbollah, as well as Iran for months. According Syria online, one of the leading militant figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamsa Samshi Basha  was killed in a clash with security forces. Hamsa Samshi Basha is responsible for most of the kidnappings, killings and mutilations that have occured in Homs.

Vladimir Putin, Copenhagen. Who gave NATO the right to kill a states Leader!

Are we heading towards global disaster? Aainst the background of an intense war propaganda and social engenering campaign by NATO countries and related corporate media, the US / EU´s United Nations initiative, and their call for Bashar al Assad to step down, is setting a dangerous precedence. When the Libyan “No Fly Zone” developed into massive bombings of ciilian targets, as well as attempts to murder Muhamar Ghadafi, Russian PM Vladimir Putin drew a line in the sand at his meeting with Danish PM Rasmussen. Putin publicly and strongly objected NATO attempts to murder the leader of a foreign country under the pretence of a humanitarian campaign or no fly zone. Russia´s only navy base with direct access to the Mediterranean is in Syria. Syria is not only an important military, geopolitical, and economic partner of Russia. Syria is also a corridor to the Mediterranean for Iraq, Iran, and Jordan. Iran is a strong strategic, geopolitical and economic partner of China. I destabilized, internal Syrian conflicts would easily spill over into Turkey, whic is currently part of the training and arming of Muslim Brpotherhood terrorists who infiltrate Syria. When will Russia and China draw a clear line in the sand? One can hope this will happen before the massive covert military operation against Syria develops into open war, and a dynamic that can hardly be stopped by diplomacy will turn into an overt, global  military conflict. A unipolar world, as much as one may like the utopy, is a dangerous world for all, who do not bow before the Caesar.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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