Syria deploys Troops at Border to Turkey.

Western corporate media proclaim that Syria´s troop deployment along the border to Turkey is due to the Syrian governments attempt to stop an exodus of refugees that want to escape the dictators regime. NSNBC´s sources in Syria report that troops are deployed in anticipation of a NATO attack via Turkey, as well as systematic terror against residents in the border region by armed Muslim Brotherhood gangs. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Turkey´s media report about an exodus of Syrian people who wish to escape from the oppressive Baath Party regime in Syria. This must seen against the backdrop of the fact that Turkey has recently declared that it is not unwilling to both host NATO troops and take part in military campaign against Syria. Our source inside of Ft Bragg, North Carolina reports that preparations of a military campaign have been ongoing for several months. These military preparations also include preparations of campaigns against Hezbollah and Iran. Is Turkey about to sale out it´s principles and ethics in the hope to cache in on it´s ambition to become a member of the European Union? Our correspondent in Damaskus reports that the reason for Syria´s deployment of troops along the border to Turkey is based on expectations of a military threat, as well as for the protection of residents in the border region, who are systematically intimidated and terrorized by gangs of Muslim Brotherhood fighters that are trained inside Turkey.

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