High Risk for New False Flag Terror Attacks.

Up to the 10th Aniversary of 9/11, Intelligence Insiders in Europe and the USA, as well as a number of International Analysts say, that the Risk for new False Flag Attacks is high. While Some expect an Attack on the Aniversary itself, Others expect the Risk to be significantly increased from September 11, and up to January 2012by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Intelligence insiders and experts in Europe and the USA are warning, that the risk for new False Flag “terrorist attacks” on targets within the USA or Europe is significantly increased, and will remain imminent until the middle of January 2012. It is normal, that international media is covering the tenth aniversary of the mass murder and destruction on September the 11th 2001, popularly branded ” The Tenth Aniversary of the Big Lie“. However, experts are warning, that the choice of  “terrorism experts” in Western Corporate Media and State Media indicates a “scripting”, that is designed to position strategic adversaries as likely perpetrators within the publics minds. With a looming crisis on hand, and a probable collapse of Dollar and Euro Economies up to January 2012, a new, large scale terrorrist attack would provide a context for both legal, economical, and military measures, secure deep state elements and olegarchical structures within the US and EU, and secure the maintainance of their grip on power and control. Meanwhile elected governments and parlamentarians are peddeling to salvage their nations financial independence from multinational Banking Cartells in the City of London.

The deep state has a wide range of plausible scapegoats at hand. To mention a few, among many others; Ghadafi and Ghadafi supporting Libyans were positioned as likely terrorists who may use chemical weapons. A narrative of a possible lone, disgruntled anti multiculturalist has been scripted intensely. Syria is once again positioned as a state that sponsors terrorism. There is a wide range of possible suspects, such as Ahmed Jibril´s PFLP-GC, Hezbollah and a variety of other Palestinian or Arab organizations. Iran is always positioned as a state that is sponsoring terrorism. Hamas, Hezbollah and others being the likely scapegoats. This analysis must be seen against several, interactive backdrops.

Ft. Bragg NC

Current and Planned US and NATO Campaigns. As reported in earlyer articles, nsnbc´s source inside Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, explains that US Army Special Forces had been training for an attack on Libya for months before the onset of the Arabian Spring in Libya. Special Operations Forces have trained and prepared for a campaign against Syria for months, and are currently operating from NATO bases in Turkey as well as inside Syria. A nsnbc source in Damaskus reported yesterday, that ex Blackwater, now XE is operating inside Syria.  Yesterdays statement, that Russia will by no means accept an abuse of a UN Resolution against Syria by NATO, in style with the campaign against Libya.

One day after Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 Trillion USD

The Pentagon will most likely face budget cuts by late December or the beginning of January. In the light of the developing economic crisis the proposed cuts will most likely be of major proportions. With numerous clandestine operations threatened by budget cuts, it is likely that there will two responses from deep state elements. An increase in drug and weapons deals and crime. False flag operations to justify budget increases. On September the 10th 2001, Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld told the press, that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 Trillion USD. The area of the Pentagon that was most severely damaged on September the 11th contained the accounting offices and computers with all files, that would be needed for accounting for the missing money.

Palestines bat for Statehood and Israel in Crisis. Israel is domestically troubled by the onset of the worsening economic crisis. Protesting people are setting up tent villages to elicit the disasterous economical and social development that is plaguing Israel. Simultanously, Israel is facing increasing political isolation and pressure. The recent severing of all diplomatic ties and military cooperation between Turkey and Israel has provided a significant destabilizing factor that must be dealt with. Israel is facing problems with Egypt, and diplomatic relations to Jordan and other neighbours are worsening. Palestine is applying for Statehood at the United Nations on September 23rd. Faced with these problems, not to forget the impact that the developing economic and financial crisis will have on it´s external and internal security, it is very likely that deep state elements, situated inside AIPAC, Turkeys ATC, Mossad, Pentagon and other places will be tempted to change the dynamics of the political landscape by a False Flag operation. Finally, the Afghan NATO campaign has so far failed to develop into the intended destabilization of Pakistan, and it is not unlikely that a False Flag could be used to enter into a Pakistani theatre if Syria fails to develop into open conflict.

Worsening of the Economic and Financial Crisis. There is an overwhelmingly high probability for, that the Wall Street and City of London attempt to salvage the US-Dollar by attacking the Euro, which has now lasted for over two years, will result in the total meltdown of both economies within the middle of January 2012. Greek Bonds have a 100% interest rate on one year. China is preparing to bail out of both currencies by massively stocking up it´s gold reserves. Venezuala has demanded physical delivery of it´s gold from London to Venezuela. The raid on Libya has not resulted in the plundering of as many Libyan gold reserves as expected. All this and many other indicators implie the development of  a financial crisis of gargantuan proportions. Most probable candidates for initiating the collapse are Bank of America, Commerzbank, Citybank, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. All of them are absolutely interdependent with respect to possible runs on Banks, and the probability that non of them collapses until the middle of February is more than meager. A bailout of any of these banks, let alone several or most of them would rise inflation rates beyond those seen in Germany during the 20th, where one needed a sack full of money to buy a loaf of bread. Gold prices will skyrocket. One of the main motivating factors behind the aggression against Libya was the fact that Muamar Ghadafi was about to be successful in convincing the African Union States about the advantages of establishing an African currency that would be tied to gold, and to trade all oil, minerals and ressources in the new currency, exclusively.

Gerald Celente at Trends Research Instituta

Given the fact that US and European Governments are not run in the best interest of the people, the response will be drastic austerity measures, which are well on the way. The only measures that could soften fall into disaster would be making all naket credit default swaps, and declaring a moratorium on all fraudulent dept on derivatives, taxing derivatives and backing economies by real values. Given the unholy marriage between Wall Street, the CIA , Banking Cartels and Drug Cartels, massive arrests would be warranted. But will any government dare saving itself and it´s people? As the Founder of Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente put it in 2007, when the proportions of the coming crisis became acutely evident for anyone who is observing the markets from a neutral position:  ” America is heading towards an economic 9/11;” and “When people have nothing left to loose, they loose it “.

According to Gerald Celente at Trends Research Institute, and numerous other analysts, we will see a crisis of up until today unseen proportions. Even though austerity cuts by governments only increase the deficit of the coming years economies, it is the standard instrument used by politicians at the onset of any financial panick. With an imminent threat of a run on banks, catastrophic unemployment rates, riots that dwarf the recent riots in London, food raids, and a pandemic of crime; with populations that have become desperately dissatisfied with their governments, the deep state elements and olegarchical structures need a unifying factor for maintaining control. History has shown that these unifying factors typically are provided by false flag attacks.

Deep State Talking - by Christof Lehmann

While experts warn of terrorist attacks, the populations of Noth America and Europe need to brace them selves to counter any new False Flag attack with demands of immediate, full scale investigations of the most likely suspects. The deep state elements and olegarchical networks.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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