Russia draws Line in Syrian Sand.

After opposing US and EU calls for sanctions against Syria, Russian President Medvedjev is drawing a clear line for NATO in the Syrian Sand.                             by Dr. Christof Lehmann

NATO has overstepped it´s UN Mandate

After a long period of silence as a Superpower with respect to the Middle East, Russia is now drawing a clear line in the sand with respect to NATO´s covert war and US and EU calls at the UN for Bashar al Assad to “step down”. Russia´s PM Vladimir Putin voiced strong opposition against the NATO lead war on Libya after the fact, when it became obvious that the implementation of the “no fly zone” was a pretext for a full scale war on Libya with NATO´s Al Qaeda mercenary forces, backed up by total air superiority. At a meeting with Danish Minister of the State, Rasmussen on April 26, Putin vented his outrage, asking who had given NATO the right to kill Ghadafi. Putin stated, that the NATO lead coalition had overstepped it´s UN mandate, which exclusively allowed the implementation of a “no fly zone” for the protection of civilians. According to nsnbc´s source in Moscow, Russia experienced strong diplomatic signals from a series of African leaders to step up it´s position against NATO aggressions. The signal towards Russia was that the growing strategic and economic position of China could seriously weaken Russian inerests on the continent if it fails to provide a ballancing counterpart to the US- NATO`s Africom plans and imperialist ambitions.

While Russias relations with Libya as well as it´s responses to the NATO aggression against it were more ambivalent, Russia is a long standing and close political, military, and economic ally and partner to Syria and the Syrian Baath Party. A destabilization of Syria is raising serious strategic, sucurity, political, and economic concerns in Moscow.

Dmitri Medvejev

Russian President Medvedjev drew a clear Line in the Syrian Sand today, when he made a series of public statements. In an interview with European News Network, Medvedjev repeated Putin´s statement that NATO had overstepped it´s mandate with respect UN Security Counsil Resolution 1973 on Libya. Medvedjev voiced, that Russia, under no circumstances, will not allow a repetition of the Libyan situation with respect to Syria. Even though Russia is calling on the Baath Party to go ahead with reforms and an increased dialog between the governing Baath Party and members of the opposition, Medvedjev sent clear signals, wrapped into diplomatic parleur, that Russia will not accept NATO´s ongoing covert war inside Syria, when he stated: ” Those who are chanting slogans against the Syrian government are not adherents of the pure European democracy, but vastly diverse, and some of them extremists, some can be dubbed terrorists”. Russia´s sole Navy base with direct access to the Mediterranean is situated in Tartus, Syria.

According to nsnbc´s own source in Moscow, and other well informed Russian insiders, there are no plans for talks between the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and members of the Syrian opposition. Such claims would be nothing but part of the NATO lead propaganda effort against the Syrian government. While Russia is calling for talks between the Syrian government and opposition leaders, it will not encourage talks with an opposition in style with the Libyan TNC, which is largely made up of Al Qaeda, Syrian Islamic Fighting Group and other CIA and MI6 backed mercenary forces.

Bashar al Assad

Honest and open negotiations about reforms with moderate opposition forces who have the best interests of Syria and the Syrian People at hand, and the Baath Party Leadership have been ongoing ever since the beginning of the Arabian Summer in Syria. Terrorists, largely constituated and organized by armed Muslim Brotherhood gangs, who are trained and armed by NATO in Turkey however, are the true obstacle that prevets much needed, long awaited reforms, that truly could benefit Syria and Syrians. Another obstacle for lifting Syrian emergency laws is the decades long, relentless Israeli subversion against the Syrian government.

Mahmud Abbas and Benjamin Netanjahu

Syria is in fact, together with Iran, the sole representative of Palestinian interests within the Middle East. While Mahmud Abbas bat for Palestinian statehood at the U.N. on September 23 could be a stepping stone towards a comprehensive peace, rather than another 45 years of peace plans, Syrias neighbour Israel is arming it´s settlers in the occupied territories.  The Syrian Golan Hights are still under Israeli occupation, and so are parts of Lebanon. Syria´s next door neighbour who is still in an official State of War with Syria is armed to the teeth by the USA, owns, and proliforates nuclear weapons and know how. Constant Israeli military threats against Iran, hostile US Forces in Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Can it be surprising that Syria is maintaining a state of emergency.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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Christof Lehmann is the founder and senior editor of nsnbc. Christof Lehmann is a political writer, psychologist, and independent political consultant on a wide range of issues, including conflict and conflict resolution, negotiations, security management, crisis management. His articles are published widely in international print and online media and he is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs. He is a lifelong advocate for human rights, peace and international justice and the prosecution of war crimes - also those committed by privileged nation. In September 2011 Christof Lehmann started the blog nsnbc in response to what he perceived as an embargo on truth about the conflict in Libya and Syria. In 2013, he plans to transform nsnbc into an independent, daily, international online newspaper.
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