Ghadafi remains defiant against NATO lead Rebels.

On the initiative of Jarcozy, France,Germany, the UK, the US, and other  “Friends of Libya” endorse the NTC at a meeting in the Elysee Palace. Simultanously, the NTC announced it´s 20 months plan for establishing a legal government, and prolonged the ultimatum of the NTC for loyalist troops to lay down their arms with several days. While the western nations media focus on the “Friends of Libya”,  NATO´s bombing campaign against Sirte, and other Ghadafi strongholds continues. There are continuous reports of massive civilian casualties. However, loyalist sources claim that the NATO lead rebels can not overcome Ghadafi´s troops without massive NATO and Qatari forces on the ground, as well as a continuation of the aircampaign. The representatives of the TNA proclaim that tribes have become irrelevant in the new Libya, while Ghadafi rallies support from tribes in his latest speech, remaining defiant and confident. by Dr. Christof Lehmann 

At the “Friends of Libya” congress Germany, France, the UK, the US, Qatar, and other endorsed the NTC as being the regular new intermediary government of Libya. This recognition came simultanously with the presentation of a 20 months plan for establishing a constitutional counsil, a constitution, as well as the democratic institutions that would be necessary for elections and the installation of a functioning government. The endorsement by the “Friends of Libya” also freed billons of frozen funds, that now will be at the disposal of the TNC. It is remarkable to notice that the endorsement of a transitional government, that is dominated by persons with ties to Al Qaeda and the CIA happens simultanously with a media campaign that generally state that Al Qaeda has become “irrelevant”. I is not the first time since the creation and support of the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, that the NATO rack tag rebel mercenaries have had a change of name and image that suited US and NATO politics.

While western media focus on the “Friends of Libya” installation of their proxy government, and on the NTC prolongation of their ultimatum against Ghadafi and loyalist troops with several days, NATO is continuing it´s aircampaign against Sirte and other strongholds of what according to international law is Libyas regular defence. In media statements, the London representative of the NTC states, that victory is near, and that the time of tribes in Libya belongs to it´s past. While it sounds good in interviews, it is rather unlikely that a coup, backed by an imperial force, that has bombarded and murdered thousands of civilians, is instrumental in changing centuries old tribal traditions and ties. The cultural self does not change as fast as the goodwill or fancy of emperors.

Meanwhile Ghadafi remains defian t and confident. In a speech, televised via loyalist TV / Radio Stations as well as Internet Media, Ghadafi is rallying support from the tribes, encouraging them to throw the rats that have infested Libya out. Also Saif Islam Ghadafi had a radio appearance where he reassured the people and tribes about that they are fighting and will go on fighting until the traitors and rats are overthrown and defeated. The speech of Saif explains the tribal situation, and indicates that the TNC plans to change centuries old traditions and ties within 26 months is unlikely to succeed.

Muamar Ghadafi´s Speech

Saif Ghadafi´s Speech

Regardless whether Sirte will fall, or the one or the other victory by either side, the people of Libya will have to brace themselves for a conflict that according to all experience, and not least the track record of US and NATO humanitarian efforts will last for years on end.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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