Genocide Ensuing In Libya

The conflict in Libya is developing into a protracted civil war, with genocide ensuing in the surrounded hometown of Muhamar Ghadaffi. NATO planes bomb the surrounded city while corporate media, western leaders, and the National Transitional Counsil speaks about a four days ultimatum before NATO lead “Trebels” will storm the city. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

From the onset of the NATO lead ground campaign in Libya widespread massacres by rebels on black citizens and guest laborours have been reported and documented. Tripoli is now under the military command of former U.S. prisoner of war, Al Qaeda commander Abdelhakim Belhadj,known for murdering U.S. Soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan, and appalling massacres are reported from Tripoli. Now Sirte, the hometown of Muhammar Ghadaffi is surrounded by rebel forces, while NATO planes bomb military as well as civilian targets. Eyewittness reports from Sirte report widespread bombing of civilian infrastructure, and massive civilian casualties.

Chairman of the  National Transitional Counsil, and former neighbour to CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia, M.A. Jibril, has declared an ultimatum of four days for loyalist troops to lay down their arms in Sirte. After four days, so Jibril, the remaining fighting loyalist troops will be attacked. Western media is reporting this narrative without mentioning the relentless NATO bombing campaign and the ongoing war crimes that according to several experts in international law ammount to collective punishment, a war crime. Libya experts fear further, massive and wide spread massacres, should the rebel forces enter the city. While western corporate media, as usual, are excusing their sanatized version of conflict by ethical standards, the murder and mayham of the NATO lead campaign continues in all it´s brutality. See video recordings from the bombing of Sirte by opening the following links:      The Results of NATO bombings of Sirte. Viewer discretion advised due to not media sanitized images.

Ghadafi Family Members granted Asylum in Algeria. Ghadaffi reportedly in Libya, leading Defence and Counter Offence. The wife, the youngest son and other family members of Muhammar Ghadaffi have fled to Algeria, where they have been granted asylum. In interviews, members of the National Transitional Counsil declare that they will demand family members returned to Libya for eventual prosecution. Muhammar Ghadaffi remains defiant and confident, and is reportedly remaining in Libya to lead the defence and counter offensives.

Protracted Conflict to be expected. While the Libyan military would have been unable to resist NATO´s overwhelming airsuperiority,  their change in military strategy is forcing the rebel forces and probably NATO into a protacted, assymetric conflict that could last for years. However, this conflict could very well be in the interest of U.S. foreign policy makers, who may use it as the pretxt for establishing a permanent military base. The NATO campaign can not be understood without understanding it´s wider context within the U.S. Africom plans designed by the Bush administration. Libya will become a second Iraq, with the important difference that a major part of the Libyan population is supporting Ghadaffi.

This popular support is likely to increase when the general population, minorities, woman, free thinkers, and moderate muslims experience the Saudi Arabian Wahabi Islamist style of government, law, public beheadings, restrictions and oppression that are common denominators for Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan under Taliban Controll.

Given the fact that NATO is preparing a campaign against Syria, as reported in our article “Arabian Summer of NATO´s Fall” it is most likely that there both will be massive NATO bombings as well as massive political pressure for the Transitional National Counsil to push ahead with the military campaign against Sirte and other cities where regular Libyan troops and loyalists have a foothold. The greatest immediate political problem for TNC chair Jalil will be to convince his own tribe to stop supporting Ghadafi. In a longer term perspective, he will have to answer for his war crimes and massacres on his own people to his own people, and was the ICC not an intstrument of U.S. and E.U. politics, he would have to answer for them in front of a special prosecutor.  

Where Is The Heart of Darkness Now ?

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Dr. Christof Lehmann


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